Monday, July 15, 2013

*Awkward and slightly bashful hello*

I would like to set aside some time to start blogging again. Tumblr is fun, but for most (myself included) it's more a whirl of visual stimulation and fangirling - a flurry of reblogged photos and GIF sets - than a serious, meaty, wordy, blogging platform. The satisfaction gained from a blogging endeavour would (unsurprisingly) seem to match the level of thought and effort invested into it.

It's been a couple of years since I stopped posting regularly on blogger. I am now a - a - twenty-something. The phrase still sounds very strange in my mind when applied in relation to myself.

I have discovered new interests, and I have changed as a person - for better or for worse. If I start blogging again, the nature and content of the posts will be different, to a certain degree.

I have become a more serious and devoted fan of classic film, particularly the silent era. I hope you would not object to seeing Buster Keaton's face make regular appearances on this page. Or occasional gushing praise of Lon Chaney or John Barrymore.

I have become a casual Marvel fan. I even subscribed to Marvel's digital comics database for a month. - It was amazing, but the downsides were that I became somewhat sleep-deprived in consequence of sitting up late devouring vintage comics on my laptop, and I spent all my reading time on comics rather than other books. Farewell for the present, Fantastic Four, Avengers, and Asgardians. Perhaps I will treat myself to another month of frenetic comic-devouring over the Christmas holidays.

Silly celebrity crushes are supposed to be the domain of teenage girls. So I thought. Then, it happened. Just a few short weeks after I left my teenage years behind me, I discovered Tom Hiddleston. I'll leave it at that. But be warned that if I start blogging again, you'll likely see his face from time to time, as well as Buster Keaton's.

So, if I get my act together and have another bash at this blogging thing, you can expect more books, more period drama, more art (with a dash of architecture and gardens), but now with bonus Old Hollywood, occasional sci-fi and superheroes, and Hiddleston.

Also, I am half-heartedly considering moving to Wordpress. If anyone has advice or opinions on Blogger vs. Wordpress, I'd be grateful if you'd share them.

I hope you're all well. Blogger followers are amazingly loyal and patient compared with Tumblr followers. On Tumblr, if you neglect your blog for a week, you lose about 20 followers (so it seems). Meanwhile, after essentially 2 years of neglect, most of you are still here - and I appreciate it. :)


Joanna Webber said...

Well hello! Welcome back to the blogger world! I didn't know you had a tumblr. I'm sure it's splendid. :-)

The Editrix said...

Thank you. :-)

Maria Elisabeth said...

YOU! You're back!

I'm excited to see what you'll be posting now... I just starting loving Marvel superheroes (and Tom Hiddleston!) too so I'll be happy to hear you talk about them. :)

Rissi said...

Why, hello there, Elise! How lovely to see this post in my dashboard. :) Welcome back!

I do use both Blogger and Wordpress. But right now, Blogger is my preferred platform though I have friends who prefer the latter. WP doesn't allow for any freedom of customizing a blogger's design unless you pay a yearly fee (not cool!) but on the plus side, sharing your posts on social media is "easier" in Wordpress.

Cannot wait to see what you have planned!

Nicole said...

YAY!! Welcome back! I got so excited when I saw this post on my sidebar!

And holy cow-- Tom Hiddleston-- just-- *melts*

So excited for you to keep posting!

Molly said...

Hello! I went on my blogger dashboard, and I was like, "Ribbons of Light! Oh, it's been awhile!" I'm glad you're back! :)

Alexandra said...

YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

And you can never have too much Marvel heroes. Or Tom Hiddleston. So yes. Looking forward to it!


Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

A very pleasant surprise to read your writings again.....

Miss Dashwood said...

Wheee, you're back! How delightful! I look forward to reading your new posts... and if that means some occasional Hiddleston pics I won't be the one to complain. :D

LoveOldStuff said...

Hi, glad to see you are back. I'd love to know your tumblr name. I have a few that serve various purposes. I consider my blogger blog my more professional blog. I love tumblr, but of course I've decided on multimedia journalism as my major...and hope to be a television writer someday. Minoring in English and Spanish.

Enbrethiliel said...


It's nice to have you back! =D I kept your blog linked on my sidebar so that I could check back from time to time, and I'm so glad I did!

We all develop new interests from time to time, and it's always nice to see how a blog can grow and change with its owner. I'm looking forward to future posts! =)

Anonymous said...

YES!!! You're back! I am soo looking forward to reading your blog again!