Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lorna Doone pics Part III

There are probably a few spoilers of sorts in the pictures. If you haven't seen the movie, you might want to skip these posts - it's up to you.

The Ridd Farmhouse

Lorna and Annie picking vegetables

One of Captain Stickles' men, Sergeant Bloxam, has bit of a thing for Lizzie Ridd. . .

Jeremy Stickles dozes in the sun while all around him, industry prevails.

Sergeant Bloxham says goodbye to Lizzie. . .

And John and Lorna bid each other goodbye.

A lovelorn John

Baron de Whichehalse and son pay a visit to the Doones.

Tom and Annie leaving the Ridd farm after their wedding.

I love the soldier's costumes. 

The costumes are absolutely amazing. These pictures don't really do them justice.

And I purposely chose not to include any screenshots from the last 20 minutes or so of the film. I can't have too many spoilers here. 

Lorna Doone pics Part II

Once again, pictures of Carver seem to outnumber pictures of John. :D Sorry folks, I guess Carver's just more photogenic than John. :P I have dozens of other screenshots of Carver which I have [with great difficulty, after much deliberation] chosen not to include here. Otherwise it would have been a veritable Carverfest. . .

John and Captain Stickles wait for the attack. . . 

Carver Doone. . .

The reason for the Doone's quarrel with the Ridd family - Lorna Doone. . .

John confronts Carver

The aftermath of the attack. Ruth Huckaback tends to Captain Stickle's wounds; the rest of the Ridds and Captain Stickle's men escape mostly uninjured.


John and Tom Faggus repair the barn that was burnt in the attack.

Carver makes another appearance. . .

Back in Doone Valley.


Tom says goodbye to Annie. Can you believe that the actor who plays Tom Faggus also plays Colonel Fitzwilliam in P&P95?!! I could hardy believe it when I found out. I would never have recognised him.

Part III coming very soon. . . this is so much fun. :D