Wednesday, April 28, 2010

For admirers of L.M. Montgomery's heroines

That was fun! Thanks, Autumn.

Do the quiz, then tell me which heroine you are!

There's also an L.M. Montgomery heroes quiz. I did this one, too, picking all the qualities I like (or think I like, LOL!) in guys. :P My result was Gilbert Blythe. 

Robin Hood S3 *finally* coming to Australia. . .


Robin Hood fans (and Richard Armitage fans) Australia-wide will be thrilled to know that the third series of the BBC's Robin Hood is about to go to air here. . . finally. The first episode will be on this Saturday (1st May) at 7:30 pm on ABC2. Hat-tip to my 8-year-old sister, who made this most interesting discovery whilst browsing through the TV guide. 

And if you miss it, you can always catch it on iView - but only if you live in Australia. . . 

Rules and Regulations


A short direction
To avoid dejection,
By variations
In occupations,
And prolongation
Of relaxation,
And combinations
Of recreations,
And disputation
On the state of the nation
In adaptation
To your station,
By invitations
To friends and relations,
By evitation
Of amputation,
By permutation
In conversation,
And deep reflection
You'll avoid dejection.

Learn well your grammar,
And never stammer,
Write well and neatly,
And sing most sweetly,
Be enterprising,
Love early rising,
Go walk of six miles,
Have ready quick smiles,
With lightsome laughter,
Soft flowing after.
Drink tea, not coffee;
Never eat toffy.
Eat bread with butter.
Once more, don't stutter.

Don't waste your money,
Abstain from honey.
Shut doors behind you,
(Don't slam them, mind you.)
Drink beer, not porter.
Don't enter the water
Till to swim you are able.
Sit close to the table.
Take care of a candle.
Shut a door by the handle,
Don't push with your shoulder
Until you are older.
Lose not a button.
Refuse cold mutton.
Starve your canaries.
Believe in fairies.
If you are able,
Don't have a stable
With any mangers.
Be rude to strangers.

Moral: Behave.

~Lewis Carroll

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A quick update. . .

Just a quick post, which I should have written and published long ago. . . 

We are home, safe and sound! We arrived home a couple of weeks ago, after our month-long odyssey. Had a great time, etc. etc. . . no, really, we had a wonderful time. I'll try to post a few pictures on here sometime (I took an obscene number of photos. The joys of digital cameras! ;-).

And I sincerely apologise for these post-less couple of months. It's taken a little while to settle back into home life - I feel like I'm still trying to get on top of "internet stuff" - blogging and forums. I really do have the most patient readers - rather than abandoning me, my number of followers has actually grown over these last few weeks! So, thank you everyone. :-)

I hope you're all well. . . I've missed "talking" with all of you.



P.S. - for those of you who are curious, we did/saw:

NSW South Coast
Snowy Mountains
Phillip Island
Melbourne (Sort of.)
Great Ocean Road 

And loads more in-between. . . altogether, I think we covered some 4000 kilometres.