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Anonymous said...

You are so smashing and your site is so fabulous that I worry to see that your most recent post was in May - and now it's August. Are you alright? Do you need saving from a dragon?

The Editrix said...

Thank you for your concern, Anon! Never fear, no dragons to worry about! I am quite alright. :-)

I feel bad about neglecting my blog, I really do. I guess with things like this, it's a question of "What do I really want to do with my spare time?" - blogging is a hobby, after all. I guess over the last few months, reading books, watching films, and occasionally blogging on Tumblr have been my activities of choice. You are most welcome to have a look at my Tumblr blog, which I update much more regularly than my blogspot blog:

Thanks again for your kind words! :-)


The Editrix said...

BTW, can I just say that you really made my day! Thanks so much, nice Anon! :-D