Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A quick update. . .

Just a quick post, which I should have written and published long ago. . . 

We are home, safe and sound! We arrived home a couple of weeks ago, after our month-long odyssey. Had a great time, etc. etc. . . no, really, we had a wonderful time. I'll try to post a few pictures on here sometime (I took an obscene number of photos. The joys of digital cameras! ;-).

And I sincerely apologise for these post-less couple of months. It's taken a little while to settle back into home life - I feel like I'm still trying to get on top of "internet stuff" - blogging and forums. I really do have the most patient readers - rather than abandoning me, my number of followers has actually grown over these last few weeks! So, thank you everyone. :-)

I hope you're all well. . . I've missed "talking" with all of you.



P.S. - for those of you who are curious, we did/saw:

NSW South Coast
Snowy Mountains
Phillip Island
Melbourne (Sort of.)
Great Ocean Road 

And loads more in-between. . . altogether, I think we covered some 4000 kilometres.


Enbrethiliel said...


It sounds like a fantastic vacation! I'm glad to have you back and can't wait to see the pictures. =)

Jo March said...

Welcome back! I missed you :) Sounds like y'all had a lovely time traveling!

LadyBug-Laurie said...

Welcome back! You have been much missed! Glad to hear you all had a good safe time. Can't wait to "talk" to you more soon!

God Bless,
Miss Laurie :)

Miss Jen said...

How fabulous sounds like you
had quite a TRIP! :)
Welcome back, dear!!!

Rebekah said...

Wow! I'm glad you had such a great time! It sounds fun! I look forward to hopefully seeing some pictures!

Welcome back and praise the LORD that you had a safe and good trip! :)

To the KING be all the glory!

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Esther said...

I tagged you.

Andy Moore said...

where's your shoutbox gone? just saying hi back. you have a cool new template, and... I always like the music when I come to your blog.

The Editrix said...

Thanks, everyone! It's great to be back.

Andy - I got rid of the shoutbox a while ago, because no-one - at least, hardly anyone - was using it. . .

And thanks, I'm glad you like the new look! :-)