Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Damsel's Daybook XIV

Hosted by Autumn @ Storygirl

A day or two late this time, but I thought I'd do it anyway - to help get me back into blogging mode, I guess. :-)

Outside my window....... A warm, humid day, after yesterday's rain.

I am thinking about.........Books; and how wonderful it is to have good friends.

From the kitchen..........Nothing right now.

I am creating .........I recently knitted a couple of dishcloths.

I am reading.........See my Goodreads page. :D

I am hearing.......The Washing Machine. Noisy ol' thing. Funny thing is, it isn't old at all, it's almost brand new - but contrary to the normal order of things, it's a good deal noisier than our old one was.

I am hoping.........That the guitar lesson I'm going to give someone this afternoon will go well.

I am planning..........To start blogging regularly again.

I am wearing............Blue top, denim skirt. . . 

Around the house.........There is a desperate hunt going on for a missing library book. Mummy has put up a $1 reward for the person who finds it.

My wish of the week .........That I might visit Ireland one day. And Scotland. And England. Okay, that's three wishes. . . guess I've used up three weeks' worth of wishes in one go. 


Elaine said...

Hunts for lost things (especially library books) occur around here, too. My mom will do the same thing as well!
Today I have been learning how to spin with a spinning wheel someone lent me. I had a half day of school (!) to work on it, but it's been hard going. My knitting is suffering from neglect of these past 20 hours. :)
Love your blog!
Elaine from Missouri

Autumn said...

Lovely post Elise. Thanks for doing this , I haven't been as it is lonely to do by myself and I have been pondering a lot lately about many things and life has been busy. I will be trying to do it each week now however 'cause I think I'm at that stage where I can again.

The Editrix said...

Autumn, sorry I forgot to comment on your blog about ADD! It'll be fun to do ADD with you again. :-)

Elaine, that's neat! I'd love to learn to spin with a spinning wheel someday.