Monday, June 13, 2011

Horrible Histories - Series 3!

I am becoming dangerously obsessed with the incredibly addictive, Monty-Pythonesque Horrible Histories. Here are a couple of several songs from the third series, which is currently airing in the UK.


Traxy said...

There are definitely worse things to be addicted to! :D Looking forward to tomorrow when there's a new episode. <3

OldFashionedCharm said...

These are so interesting! There are certainly worse things to be addicted to!
I loved the Kings & Queens of England song, just wish it was easier to remember. And love how William Wallace and Dick Turpin are "rocking out" with their cohorts in the songs. I'd never heard the story of Dick Turpin so now I'll have to go do some research on him!

~Miss Laurie
Old-Fashioned Charm

Abby said...

These have got me excited for the new episode tomorrow! And I agree, the songs are ridiculously addictive and catchy :)


Brooke said...

Hello Elise!

Wonderful post, as usual. I just wanted to thank you for all of your excellent opinions and reviews. You inspired me to read Jane Austen, and I just finished watching Pride and Predjudice (the version with Keira Knightley, is that your favorite?). So thank you, for inspiring me to read a wonderful story.

The Editrix said...

Aw, thanks, Brooke! Yes, the controversial Keira Knightley version is my favourite. I am so glad you enjoyed reading P&P! :-)

Abby, you are so lucky to be in the UK right now. . .

Thanks, Traxy and Laurie!

Brooke said...

Oh, I'm so glad that you liked that one! It is wonderful! I'm still trying to get my hands on the version with Colin Firth. Oh, and be sure to check out my blog (I just did a post on P&P, don't forget to comment!). I've read all about your thoughts on the version with Firth, but I loved Macfayden as Mr. Darcy. I don't know if anyone will be able to top his performance, but we'll have to see!

Thanks again!

Olivia said...

Oh, Elise! I always enjoy your blog!
I only had time to watch the Kings & Queens video, but mercy, that was HILARIOUS!!!
I live in the U.S, so I am quite bereft of U.K.TV shows.
Thanks! ;}

Näna said...

I *love* Horrible Histories! So funny! Have you seen Born 2 Rule and Alexander the Great? Those are my absolute favorites and me and my siblings are always quoting/singing them. :)


The Editrix said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Nana, I have seen them - they are hilarious, as are most of the HH sketches. :-)

Anonymous said...

Whoo!!This Is my favorite show ever. I love the songs and the show they are so amazing.