Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Excellence Award

Joanna gave me an award! Thankyou so much! :-D

1) Post the award on your blog
2) Pass it on to some friends, up to 15
3) Let them know they've received the award.

    I give the excellence award to:


    Current Mood: Melancholy

    [Not very melancholy though, so don't worry about me. ;-) ]

    P.S. -- I'm thinking of cleaning up my sidebar - it's starting to look a bit messy. What do you think? At this point I'm not quite sure what to keep and what to get rid of. :-/


    Miss Jen said...

    Dearest Elise,
    How KIND you are!! :)
    I am very honored!!!
    Bless you, dear friend!!!

    Love Always,
    Miss Jen

    "A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words." - D. Roberts

    Jo-snazz said...

    Really? You have the cleanest sidebar I have seen in a while! If you want suggestions though...I find the keywords very useful on other peoples blogs.

    The Editrix said...

    Miss Jen - you're welcome, dear! :-)

    Joanna - yes, I'll definitely keep the labels. I guess it was stuff like all the quizzes and blog awards that I thought looked a bit cluttered. But I keep an eye on the traffic I get here, and a lot of people - especially new readers - seem to like taking the quizzes, so now I think maybe I should keep them. . .

    Cathy said...

    Elise, I have a tiny question about your survey...there's always one in every crowd that might make it more difficult than it is......Can I vote for more than one thing?

    The Editrix said...

    Yes, absolutely! I have set the poll so that you can vote for as many categories as you like. :-)

    Eleree said...


    My sister and I finally posted the award you gave us way back when. :) It is here...


    Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

    Thank you so very much for tagging me, Elise!!! I feel very honored! *hug*

    LORD BLESS!!!!

    Love, Jessica

    The Editrix said...

    Emma - that's great news! :-)

    Jessica, you're welcome! *hug* :-D

    emme said...

    Elise...I am ever so honored...thank you so much, dear girl!


    The Editrix said...

    The pleasure is all mine! LOL! Besides, your blog totally deserves it. ;-)