Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas tag

My sister, Grace, tagged me!

What do you like about Christmas?

I like Christmas because it reminds us (or should remind us) to pause for a while and reflect on the amazing fact that God's son came to earth to bring us salvation - to rescue us, and bring us back into a real relationship with God! I also like Christmas because it is a time for giving, caring, and spending time with family.

What do you really want for Christmas?

I don't know! Maybe a good book or two. Other than that, I'm not sure. . .

How do you like to celebrate Christmas?

With my family!

What do you like to eat on Christmas?

Lots of Christmas sweet treats! Yes, I do have bit of a sweet tooth. . .

What colors do you wear on Christmas?

I have no idea! Something comfortable, and maybe also colourful.

Do you put Christmas lights on your house?


Do you have a Christmas tree?


Do you like Santa?


Do you like to make Christmas decorations?


Do you like to have Christmas at home with your family or do you like to spend the it with your Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles and other family?

I don't mind. It's fun to have a big family get-together sometimes, but it can also be nice to have a quiet Christmas at home with only your immediate family.


We're running out of time before Christmas, so I won't officially tag anyone, but if you would like to join in the fun, please go right ahead!


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Yes, I picked a tag from the tree at work. I do it more for the parents than the child, though. Those kids probably aren't going to remember not having the greatest holiday, but, as a Mom, it would haunt me for years if I couldn't give my children a present, donated or otherwise. And, even though my kids are still quite young, I took them to the store and let them help pick out our gift. I did my best to explain that we are helping a needy family. They'll better understand next year and the year after that.