Friday, May 14, 2010

Free audiobooks


It's sometimes very convenient when your favourite books are classics, because they are not copyrighted! Which means that you can read them online for free, or download free audiobooks to listen to while you iron or knit, as I have been doing recently. Beats watching TV while you iron, hands down! :-)

Most of you will be familiar with good ol', but did you know that there are hundreds of free audiobooks you can download from the Gutenberg website? Here's a complete list of the human-read audiobooks, and a list of the computer-read audiobooks available.

Another great website to look at is

Happy listening. . .

Oh, and one last tip: I usually use Opera as my web browser. When I tried to open one of the Gutenberg audiobook files while I was on Opera, it didn't work. Then I had the brilliant of trying Internet Explorer instead. . . and it worked with no problems. So, if you're using something like Opera or Firefox and are having trouble trying to download the file, try copying and pasting the URL into Internet Explorer. Stupid, smug little Internet Explorer. I don't like it, but sometimes I'm forced to make use of it. My browser of last resort.


Michelle said...

Thank you for that wonderful information! I love visiting your blog!

You are welcome to come visit me anytime as well. This is another blog I won't mind recommending to my teen daughter!

Have a blessed night!

Marian said...

Librivox is a great site! I listened to one of their recording(s) of Jekyll and Hyde, and it was very professional and well-done.

Erin said...


Some more links for you

The Editrix said...

Michelle - thanks so much! And your blog is lovely - I am now a follower! :-)

Thanks for the links, Erin - I'm going to check them out right now. . .

The Editrix said...
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Traxy said...

Thanks for the tip! Downloading the zip file of the MP3 version of Charlotte Brontë's "Vilette" at the moment! :)

Rebekah said...

I enjoyed listening to "Alice in Wonderland" on Librivox recently.

Do the computer read books sound really - well - computer type? Do they sound good or cold and emotionless? Just curious - I'm a little confused about how a computer could read anything anyway. :p

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