Saturday, May 29, 2010



I just couldn't resist sharing this picture with you all. . . :-D

(Full-size pic here)


emme said...


I love that movie. They feel like they all really are sisters to me...which is rare in a movie these days. :)

Clare Ryan said...

Love it! :D I've been Jo in that situation before. :P

Annie said...

That bit in the movie was sooooooo funny! LOL!

Love, Annie.

Annie said...

Hi Elise!

Guess what!

You have been awarded!


Alexandra said...

I absolutely love that movie. I agree, it's one film where they really do feel like family! And I LOVE that scene.

Jo March said...

Oh look, it's me!!! :P

Polka Dot said...

Love that movie... love this photo!

Rebekah said...

LOL That's a funny but classic picture...

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