Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Dawn Treader trailer

My fellow Narniacs, have a look at the new international trailer for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (if you haven't already!). It's much better than the original trailer, IMO.

I like! It's clear they have taken some liberties with the book, but overall, I think this looks pretty awesome. . . especially the sea serpent! :-D


OldFashionedCharm said...

Yay! Thanks for posting this Elise! This is a much better trailer. It does look like they might have added in a "quest" of sorts to the story line. Hmm...this is one of my favorites because they go to so many places and see so many things, I hope they don't mess with the story too much! They do show some lovely scenes of Narnia though! :)

Elinor Dashwood said...

I am so excited about this film! It looks very well-done and exciting! Eustace looks just right... Edmund and Caspian look awesome...Lucy seems as sweet as ever... the sea monster appears to be absolutely frightful!! I am a little bothered about some of the plot changes, but as long as they keep the best scenes the same and the spiritual messages in tact, I think I'll enjoy it. :-)
P.S. I agree, this trailer was way better than the first two! :-)

Marian said...

The sea serpent is very cool! Not sure about some of the other changes from the book. :P I wish the dialogue was closer to that of the book. The books are written in a true British style, and unfortunately, I don't think that's showing up in the movies much.

Lady Helen Mar said...

Ugh, I think I am going to cry. Yes, it does look "good" but, well, what can I say...I am a purist!
Thank you for posting itthough, At least this time I am prepared.
Through Christ,

Ruth said...

Thanks for sharing this trailer!