Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rome Fashion Week

Wow! Have a look at this gallery at The Age! Some of those dresses are gorgeous. Keep an eye out for knitted and crocheted items, too. I don't make any attempt to follow fashion, and most fashion these days is immodest - sometimes just plain disgusting! But every so often I'll come across a certain colour or texture from the catwalks that fascinates me. As someone who enjoys knitting/crochet I'm thrilled that chunky, textured knits have come back into fashion these last few years.


Theresa said...

Yeah, hurrah for you! I'm into the knits too, nothing like a good scarf to spice up an outfit.

The Editrix said...

Yes, I want to put up a post about my lovely scarf that I've just finished. I want to post some photos of it, too; so I'll wait til I learn how to post photos (hopefully sometime in the not-too-distant future!).