Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Bridge Over the Marne at Creteil, by Cezanne

Cezanne is one of those artists whose paintings have taken a long time to grow on me. When I first studied his works I honestly didn't like them very much. The masterpieces of Monet and the other Impressionists held more instant appeal - Cezanne's paintings seemed dull and sometimes strange by comparison. But after many months, perhaps years, of casually observing his paintings in books and the like, I am finally learning to appreciate the genius and brilliance of Cezanne. I particularly like his landscapes. Above is one of my favourites out of the many landscapes painted by Cezanne.

It is a picture of such simple, serene beauty. The exquisite shades of blue and green in the sky and the trees, reflected in the water, combine to create an image of loveliness and tranquility.

And yet, there is depth to it - this is not a painting of fleeting, superficial sparkle. As with so many of Cezanne's paintings, there is an underlying sense of solidity and strength. And of endurance - one gets the feeling that this is a painting that will endure.

A fascinating painting by one of the great masters of modern art.


Andy Moore said...

hi, sorry, I don't know about the painting... but I just wanted to say huh, so you're Editrix, because I have seen you comment on Theresa's blog. Cool you've got the abortion counter on your blog, good on you. If you like, you can get involved in this new youth-based prolife group which is pretty much growing from the grass roots up, throughout New Zealand. You can join the email list here if you like.

Nice blog btw.

The Editrix said...

Hey Andy - I live in Aus. not NZ. Not sure if I'd be able to get involved. I'll sign up for the email list, anyway.

D L Staude said...

Its a very nice picture. I like the pictures of the impressionist. And I am very glad that you post them. Thank you!

The Editrix said...

Thankyou for your kind words! Yes, it's difficult not to admire the art of the Impressionists - hard to believe they were so scorned in their own time when today they're so well-loved.

I'm happy to know you enjoy my art posts. . . :D