Friday, November 14, 2008

Austen paraphernalia

I found out about this text generator from - you just say how many sentences you want, and it'll put random lines from Pride and Prejudice together. Sometimes the results can be hilarious! Here a some examples:

However, he wrote some verses on her, and very pretty they were. I have this comfort immediately, that it has not been more than an error of fancy on my side, and that it has done no harm to anyone but myself. In my opinion, the younger son of an earl can know very little of either.

You deserve no such attention. You never see a fault in anybody. Whatever I do is done in a hurry and therefore if I should resolve to quit Netherfield, I should probably be off in five minutes.

There is one point on which I want your advice. The far and the near must be relative, and depend on many varying circumstances. I think I have heard you say that their uncle is an attorney on Meryton.

I also recently discovered these Austen mood themes, so from now on you will know precisely what state of mind I was in when I wrote any given post!

What else is there to say. . . oh yes -- we've already had S&S this week, but you must brace yourselves for a further barrage of costume drama. I recently had the pleasure of watching an old and forgotten tv adaptation of Frances Hodgeson Burnett's A Little Princess, and I hope to post a review of it in the coming days. And I finished watching Cranford a few days ago, so you might hear something about that, too.

In the meantime, have a lovely day - or afternoon, for North American readers.

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LadyBug-Laurie said...

The text generator is hilarious and so much fun!

Period drama is the best! If it's the version of A Little Princess that I'm thinking of I love it too and look forward to your thoughts on it and your thoughts on Cranford.

Neat mood themes, I'll have to start using it on my blog. ;)

The Editrix said...

:) I love the word generator. . . I was laughing so hard over it. . .