Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fashion dilemma. . . HELP!

How do you combine long skirts and modest tops with the fashion of today??? I've recently been going through my wardrobe, getting myself organised [edit: trying to get myself organised!] for the coming winter, trying to figure out what I need to buy and what I could get rid of.

I love the trench coats and warm woollen coats that are everywhere in stores this winter, but most of them seem to be designed to be worn with jeans. I don't wear jeans! This is the problem I'm stuck with - I like nice clothes, how do I reconcile them with "my" style?

I know many of you are young women of God who desire to please God in this area of your lives - how do you reconcile STYLE with MODESTY on a BUDGET?

Any ideas or suggestions? Any photos or links?

From your frazzled, frustrated friend,

Edit: I just realised this is the 150th post for Ribbons of Light!! Yay

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Barbara said...

You basically have got two choices - either you go with fashion without compromise or you have your own style without compromise. That's what I did. I do wear jeans, but for example in summer I don't like dresses which show my knees or my shoulders or even more. So if it is the fashion I just ignore it and wear my long modest dresses. Let people stare at you or even laugh at you - I have stopped caring about that long ago! Just be yourself :)

Hannah Jane said...

Anything that goes with jeans will also go with a denim skirt - likewise, anything that goes with dress slacks will go with khaki or navy skirts. I really don't worry about what everyone else is doing - I just make up my own or copy fashions with more modest clothes. Almost any long skirt will go with a dressy tee shirt (not the kinds you see with logos, but the soft, stretchy blouse) I would say that as long as the colors co-ordinate, and the fabrics look nice together, wear it.

Theresa said...

Hey, I'll just tell you a few things that I've learned.

Warning: this will be long and guys may not find it edifying.

Firstly find out what body shape you have. ie, I'm a pear/skittle so have to wear 'A line' skirts. Check out trinny and susannah, they are a bit dodgey but their body shape adviser is pretty good for getting a general idea of what you should be looking for:

Another thing is; how short are you willing to go? My skirts are always just below the knee [unless I'm wearing tights] in which case some trench coats can look ok. However I totally agree with you, mid thigh trench coats and long skirts DO NOT GO! You can get cropped ones though. I've got one that goes really well with skirts. As far as budget goes I totally understand. If you can't find a coat that is new and within the budget, find a longer one at a second hand shop, hem it and use the bit you cut off to make a tie belt. Hurrah! You have a waist! It works provided the belt is long enough to tie properly.

I reckon if you are doing long skirts that, lets be honest, can make people look like a bit of a trollopy column sometimes: wear an understated top. Keep it simple and not too bulky. That way you'll still look like a woman and not a bread stick with a head.

In my experience I like using jewelery to just... I don't know, add something to the outfit. If the understated top looks boring and bland, add a cute necklace, earrings, scarf or whatever.

Phew, that was long. I don't pretend to be an expert, I just told you what I've learned and what I would tell my sisters.

Have fun shopping and re-working your wardrobe!

The Editrix said...

Thankyou everyone for your advice! It is very much appreciated! :-)

Theresa - thanks for your suggestions! I found your post very edifying. ;-) I went to the link you gave. - Apparently I am a vase. "You should make the most of how great you look in jeans, but sharp, tight tailoring suits you best." But I don't like jeans or sharp, tight, tailoring, LOL. . . however, it said I have a similar-ish body shape to Kate Winslet, which is great. I'm a big fan of Kate's - I'll borrow inspiration from her style. :-)

Skirts - most of my skirts are ankle-length or just above. Yeah, I think I'll have to look out for a cropped trench coat, or similar jacket. I don't like the odds of finding a trench coat in good condition at one of our local op-shops. . . I'll keep looking in stores, hopefully I'll find something that I like for a reasonable price.

Jewellery isn't really me, but I'm always knitting scarfs! I'm developing quite a collection of scarfs; I'll have to try to make use of them this winter.

Thanks again for all you help! :-)

Barbara - mostly I try to follow my own taste, not fashion, when it comes to clothes. What frustrates me is when I spot some trend that I like, but one that would be hard to wear with a long skirt or a modest top. For instance, the maxi dresses that were so hot last year - I loved the look, but most of the dresses were way too skimpy up top! But I think you're right - you just have to be yourself. Being a slave to fashion wastes too much time and energy, IMO!

Hannah Jane - what you said pretty much describes my average daily outfit. I have several denim skirts and a few skirts in other fabrics/colours that I wear very often. And I've got heaps of basic t-shirts that I wear a lot, too. :-)

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