Monday, April 27, 2009

Poll results

Well, the results are in. Thankyou to everyone who voted in the poll! It was very interesting seeing what you all voted for. I was quite surprised by some of the results!

*More than 50% of you said you wanted more costume drama posts. Very fortunate, because I love writing about costume films!

*Only 13% voted for art posts. What's wrong with you people! Can't appreciate fine art? :P I'm just joking, of course! :-D 

*44% percent of you voted for book posts. Again, this is excellent, because I thoroughly enjoy writing about my favourite books. :-) 44% of you also said you want to hear more about me talking about myself. . . hmm. . . this is quite a broad category. What, specifically, do want to hear about?

*I was quite surprised to find that 26% and 24% of you voted for quotes/Scripture verses and links to other websites respectively. I might have to begin featuring my favourite quotes and verses again! And I'm glad to hear that you like it when I post links to other fun websites - sometimes I feel a tad lame when I post a post solely about some website or other - but it seems you don't mind. Good!

Thanks again everyone for voting! I was very pleased (and in some cases a little intrigued) with the results that came in.

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Miss Jen said...

Polls are SO much fun! :)
Hope you are having a marvelous day!!!


The Editrix said...

Thanks, Jen! I am having a marvellous day. I hope you've had a great day, too! :-D

Alexandra said...

Yaaay! I have LOVED reading up on the costume drama stuff on your blog! (I voted for that, BTW. ;-))

Speaking of that...I rented Wives and Daughters and North and South from the library, and I wanted to know if there was anything I should "look out" for. Thanks!

The Editrix said...

Hi Alexandra!

Look out for? How do you mean? Do you mean inappropriate scenes in the films you rented? If that's what you meant, there's very little to worry about on that front in either movie - there is some mild violence in N&S, and mild language in both films.

Let me know if that wasn't the answer you were after! :-)