Saturday, June 26, 2010


Finally!!! (Do excuse my extravagant use of exclamation marks. . . Miss Matty would be shocked! ;-)

Little Dorrit

The BBC's Little Dorrit will be ON TV in Australia THIS SUNDAY NIGHT (June 27th) - ABC1 at 8:35pm - and for the following three Sunday nights. Don't miss it! It's my second-favourite Dickens adaptation of all time - in other words, it is very, very, good! I wouldn't recommend it for young viewers, however - teens and up would be the appropriate audience. For a Christian review of Little Dorrit, head on over to Charity's Place.

Edit: Little Dorrit got rave reviews from Fairfax Media's "The Guide", lauded as one of the "shows of the year", and "a masterpiece"! I'll second that! ;-) 


guitargirl said...

WAGH! Why oh why don't I live in Australia?! :o I want to see that movies sooo bad.

Grace said...

I've awarded you.


Lydz said...

ooh, hope you're giving out free tickets to Aus on this blog then!

The Editrix said...

Lydz - ahaha!!! :P

Grace, thanks so much!

Staci said...

You said it is your second favorite Dickens adaptation. Sorry if I have missed it, but what is your first?