Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Voting now open!

*Sighs*. . . I feel guilty. For the last week or so, I have posted precious little that isn't related to this caption contest-thingy. Then again, perhaps I should be grateful that I came up with the idea for this thing in the first place, because if I hadn't, there probably would have been even less new posts here lately. Oh well. . . 

But I really must say thank you to you all - the response to this caption contest has been wonderful, much bigger and more enthusiastic than I expected. :-)

Emma 2009

This week's entries:

1. Mr. Elton: "You've made my nose too big!"

2. "It's lovely, really! Really. Er...what is it?"

3. "Um, and it's supposed to be what exactly?"

4. "Yo Harriet. I'm really happy for you and I gonna let you finish, but Emma is one of the best painters of all time."

5. Mr Elton: "Ew,What is THAT!" Harriet: "Oh, I'm just painting what I feel!"

6. Mr. Elton.: "You can never get his nose right!!!"

7. "And I suspect that to the left is ah, let me guess? A tree? Ah I see it now. You may Miss Smith improve by taking Miss Woodhouse's excellent tutorledge. Now let us go see what beauty Miss Woodhouse has captured on her easel!"

8. Mr. Elton: "That bush looks funny, the cows look funny. Why not paint a picture of me? After all I'm so much more paintalistic and I'm good for posing!" Harriet smith whispers: "Yeah right! He's like soooooooo not!"

9. Mr Elton: "You've got that wrong...and that...and that!" Harriet: "Would you like to take the paint brush?" Mutters "know-it-all"

10. "I'm afraid you colored outside the lines there..."

11. "You should have put a bigger nose on him!"

12. Mr Elton: "What is that"? Harriet: "A self portrait of course!" Mr Elton "Oh yes yes...See with that hair, I thought it was a poodle"!

13. "Oh dear! Uh... Are you SURE that's the color you want to use?!"

14. Harriet: "Oh dear, a blank canvas is so daunting!" Mr. E: "Just start - here!"

15. Mr Elton: "A portrait of Miss Woodhouse and...Mr Knightley?!!" Harriet: "I know; isn't he handsome?"


See the poll on my sidebar to vote. Remember, you can vote for more than one caption!


Nina said...

These are really fun - I just couldn't think of anything for this one. ;)

BTW, is there a problem with the poll? I tried to vote for both #10 and #15 (twice), and it's only showing my #15 vote.

Caroline said...

Mine's not sowing up at all!

Enbrethiliel said...


I am ROFLMAO at #4! =D

The Editrix said...

Enbrithiliel - it is funny, isn't it!! :-D

Nina, Caroline - oh no. :-( I wonder what gone wrong. . .

Rebekah said...

I voted and it came up just fine...

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Traxy said...

#4 made me giggle. :D

(Saw the show that sparked the meme. What a complete prick! So incredibly rude! Poor Taylor(?)-what's-her-name, way to rain on her parade. Bah!)