Thursday, September 9, 2010

A dilemma!

Dear readers, the next installment due in my Literary Adaptations series is an adaptation of a very - very - long classic. I have never read it, but I feel like I ought to read it before I write my review of this movie adaptation. But then, it would take me a long time to read the book, so it would be a while before I'd be able to write the review. Which would put my Literary Adaptations series on hiatus for a while (again). 

Hellllp!! What should I do! I could just go ahead and write the darned blog post, but the perfectionist in me is rearing its provoking head, telling me I need to read the book first so that I can write I balanced, informed review of this adaptation! Aargh!!!


Enbrethiliel said...


Now you have me wondering what it is. William Makepeace Thackeray's Vanity Fair? George Eliot's Middlemarch?

I agree that it's best to read the book before reviewing the adaptation--especially since you likely won't let yourself have any peace of mind until you do. ;-) I've run across adaptations that were very good movies but which seemed to be telling different stories from the books. I don't just mean little changes in the plot, but major reworkings of what the author originally wanted to say. Yes, that matters.

So I agree that a "balanced, informed" review requires that you know about the source material as well as the adaptation.

I hope this helps! =)

Charity said...

Now you have me curious... which novel is it?

Andrew said...

Indulge your inner perfectionist. :)

Grace said...

Read the book. It will be worth while in the long run.


The Editrix said...

Charity - wait and see. :-D It's a miniseries that I watched because you recommended it. ;-)

Andrew - thank you, I think I will. :-)

Grace and Enbrethiliel - you're right, I will challenge myself and read this book (soon-ish, if possible) before writing my review.

It isn't a really *really* long book. . . only 800-900 pages. Which is long, but certainly doable. . . I, mean, hey, it's not Clarissa! :-)

Edwardian Rose said...

Aaaah!!! There are so many clues now as to what adaptation it is! I *think* I might know. Of course, I may be wrong, but... ;)'s a good time for me to put up a post on my blog, Elise. You shall see.... *grins mysteriously to self*

On your "dilemma," I couldn't really say. But usually it makes for a more balanced review if you were to read the bk. first, as you said.

~Rachel S.

Staci said...

Read the book, you'll feel better about it. And as far as a guess goes I will wildly guess that its North and South. But its just a guess. I have been enjoying this series and look forward to your next review.


Ross said...

Listen guys, I *know* what it is!! Its BLEAK HOUSE! I know what I'm talking about! Trust Ross. Please, have I ever lied y'all?

Bleak House.

The Editrix said...

It ain't Bleak House - or N&S! :-)

Elisabeth said...

Hi Elise,
What! a nice book just sitting there and you are hesitant about reading it? Read it, of course.

Theresa said...

Is it Middlemarch? It took me AGES to read that one :)
You could always do the post now, and then after you read the book you can do another post about whether your opinions have changed.