Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Horrible Histories


Some of you may have read one or two or twenty of Terry Deary's Horrible Histories books as a kid. Maybe you still love to read them (you're not alone! ;-). But did you know that the BBC have produced a Horrible Histories TV series? It's a sketch show - each episode is comprised of a series of skits with the odd song or two. The show is brilliantly conceived and often insanely funny. In theory, it's a kids show - in reality, older viewers will probably get more out of this! Particularly if you're bit of a history nut like me. . . :-)

The only thing in this show that I don't love so much: the frequent bathroom jokes. . . And the deliberately silly, over-the-top blood and gore won't be to everyone's taste. But, potty humour aside. . . there are some seriously funny songs and sketches in this show. I couldn't resist sharing a few!

Check out these two YT channels for more: here and here.

Oh wait - just one more: this one is stupid but so funny. . . I've got a stomach-ache from laughing. . . 


Gina said...

What fun!

Anonymous said...

My younger brother loves watching this: it's really got him interested in history, so I'm all for it! Even though it is a kids show, me, my brother and my Dad all watch it together, and all find it equally hilarious. Yes, some of the humour is a little juvenile, but most of it is very entertaining :) I loved the books as a kid as well, so I was interested when I heard it was coming on tv (I live in the UK)