Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Abortions to be made legal in Victoria: Update

The bill that I mentioned earlier is set to be introduced to the Victorian parliament today. Politicians will take a conscience vote on the issue. Read more in this article.

This interview riled me a bit. "Leaving it [abortion] in the criminal code means that somehow when you do this it's wrong … and I think these things should be out in the open and people should not be judged," - going by this, perhaps speeding should be allowed. Of course car accidents kill, but people are going to speed anyway, so why not just make it legal. (!!?) Don't you see the fallibility in this logic? Making something legal doesn't make it right. Thank goodness God, not politicians, decides what's right and what's wrong.  

I found this article in the Herald Sun interesting. The writer, Mirko Bagaric, states her case well. If you scroll down the page you'll find some very caustic comments, attacking Bagaric for daring to suggest that a "foetus" is a baby, but there are also quite a few defending her pro-life stance.

Please keep praying about this issue.

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