Monday, September 22, 2008


I'm currently reading Lady Jane Grey: Nine Days Queen, by Alison Powden. It's a fascinating book, tracing the tragic tale of a young girl who was made a victim of power-hungry men during the political and religious mess that was Tudor England.

It's very well-written. The author presents a fair, sympathetic view of all the characters who played a part in this real-life drama. The Duke of Northumberland is portrayed as more than a ruthless villain, and Jane herself, rather than being placed on a pedestal, is shown to be an ordinary teenage girl with her fair share of flaws.

As I reach the end of the book, I'm being drawn into the story of Mary Tudor (perhaps better known as "Bloody Mary"). I had a look through our local library's online catalogue, but they don't seem to have any biographies of Mary Tudor. And I've just resolved not to spend any more money on books for a while, so I'm not at liberty to buy any Tudor biographies!
  • What are some of your favourite biographies?
  • Who are some people with inspiring life stories that you enjoy reading about?


D L Staude said...

This book sounds very interesting!

Regarding your other questions:
(1) I am not much of a biography reader, but I got touched by "Still me" by Christopher Reeve. But the book "Die Koenigin" (The Queen) about Elizabeth I by Susan Kay is also wonderful, seems, its not available in English. :( A wonderful book.
(2) I liked reading about Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria. Both were very interesting women.

The Editrix said...

Thanks for the suggestions!

I've always been fascinated by the lives of both Elizabeth I and Victoria, but I've never read a serious, full-length biography of either. I know the author of "Lady Jane Grey", Alison Plowden, wrote a book about Queen Victoria; "The Young Victoria" I think it's called. I'll have to see of I can hunt it up. As I said in my post, I've been seriously impressed by Plowden's skill as a writer, her prose is a pleasure to read.

D L Staude said...

I have nine biographies about Queen Victoria and a novel about her by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles. But none of them has been written by Alison Plowden. Now its me, going on a hunt as well. :)
Hm, makes me feels as its obvious I like Queen Victoria a lot. Just as I like this era.