Thursday, September 18, 2008

What's happening in our corner of the globe

Study for The Flowerpicker, by John William Waterhouse, courtesy of

1. Springtime has arrived! This past week or so, the weather has started to warm up in earnest. The nights are growing balmy, and some days are almost too warm already. The pink jasmine is in full bloom, the wisteria starting to bloom, there are flower buds on the avocado tree, and tiny leaves on the big old frangipani. My tomato seedlings are growing, and there's a little bunch of bananas downstairs that will hopefully start to ripen soon. . .

My energetic younger siblings have braved the freezing waters of our swimming pool - at least I think it's freezing, they assure me that it's "actually quite warm once you get used to it," - I'm happy to just take their word for it.

With the warmer weather comes thunderstorms - destructive ones, sometimes. We had a hailstorm a few days ago. Thankfully there was no major damage other than the hundreds of tiny dimples on our family vehicle. . . :-(

2. There's been a flurry of parcel deliveries to our house this week - most of them mine. . . one DVD (Fishpond), two music Cds (eBay), three books and another music Cd (Fishpond again), a brand new set of fantastic Sennheiser headphones - yippee! (eBay again), another music Cd (you guessed it - eBay), and today another book from eBay. I'm determined to have a break now and save for a while - no more eBaying for you, young lady!

The biggest parcel is yet to arrive. . . It's a laptop! For me! I can't believe it. . . I'm so thrilled. . .

3. My sister entered a colouring in competition, and ended up winning a family pass to go see WALL - E, the latest film from Pixar. You can imagine the excitement at our place when we first heard the news. . . Well done little sister! I'm so proud of you! :-) ;-)

4. Baby actually has two teeth! She's so adorable - we all love her to pieces, I don't know how she manages to put up with all the hugs and kisses and general smothering that she gets from us.

5. I have two new tops for summer. One is a cotton crinkle top, in a green-grey-brown pattern, which might sound rather drab, but it suits me very well. (Hope that doesn't mean I'm drab or boring! I'm sure there are other people around who love the colour grey - a nice, silvery grey can be very beautiful.) The other top is a very pretty, very comfortable black t-shirt.

6. The Western Bulldogs play against Geelong in the first preliminary final tomorrow night. If the Bulldogs win, they'll go through to the grand final, for the first time in since 1961. GO BULLDOGS!!!

7. We've spotted many interesting birds from our backyard recently. Earlier today there was a big flock of black cockatoos flying through the neighbourhood, making their odd piercing calls. We've also seen several flocks of corellas, which we don't normally see much of around here. Also, this afternoon there was a Collared Sparrowhawk sitting on the lawn in our neighbour's backyard eating a pigeon. . . charming, I know.

So you see, life is never boring around here.


Cathy said...

Life lived as God intended it to be lived is never boring. I had lovely visual images just jumping up in my mind from reading your blog. The Lord seems to have gifted you with so many lovely things....I recall you quoting Philippians 4:8 recently......

The Editrix said...

Thankyou for that quote, Cathy - life lived as God intended it to be lived is never boring. . . I'll remember that.