Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lovely clothes

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I recently finished reading Stacy McDonald's Raising Maidens of Virtue (which is an extremely good book by the way, I was very blessed by it) and in the back of the book there's a big list of websites that sell lovely, feminine (and modest) clothes. The book was published several years ago, and some of the sites listed are no longer up and running. Of the websites that remain, many of them don't ship international orders! *Sobs*. . . You residents of the U.S.A. are very lucky! But nonetheless, I enjoyed looking, and was inspired by some of the beautiful gowns they had for sale.

Some of my favourites were: Bedford Fair Lifestyles, Hannah Lise, Willow Ridge, J. Marco, and also Bakerlane (dressmaking patterns).

Another website listed was Sense and Sensibility, run by Jennie Chancey. I already knew about this website, but every time I go back to look I am inspired. S & S sells dressmaking patterns for historical clothes - they're more than just costumes, they are clothes - from various time periods, from the regency era (think Jane Austen) right up until the early 20th century (Titanic era clothing). Some of the dresses are so beautiful! It's enough to make a girl want to learn to sew!

One more website that I'll mention - this one wasn't in the list from Raising Maidens of Virtue, but it's fascinating nonetheless - is Dressing History.

Happy browsing!

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