Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Finding Feminine Inspiration Part IV

Young Girls at the Piano, by Renoir
This is perhaps one of Renoir’s best known paintings, and it’s not hard to see why. There’s something so sweet and eternally appealing in this picture of two girls, with their long hair and lovely dresses.
I love those dresses! The lace, the bows, the three-quarter length sleeves - so simple but so beautiful.


Cathy said...

Yes! And don't you just love the candlesticks on the piano? I always appreciate the artist's ability to put us "in the know" on the little details.....ie, no candles means it is daytime. Somehow I find myself creating my own story with his masterpiece.

The Editrix said...

Yes, I've grown to appreciate Renoir's paintings more and more of late. I used to find many of his pictures too sugary, but now it's a pleasure to be able to take in all the little details in his beautiful masterpieces. His paintings are so vibrant - I love the way he uses colours.