Thursday, May 14, 2009

New books!!!

I always get sooo excited when a new book/s arrive in the mail!! In the past couple of weeks, I've added 5 beautiful Penguin Classics books to my growing collection - first Wuthering Heights (which I have already read but wanted to re-read) and Northanger Abbey from Fishpond (I actually already had a copy of NA, but you can never have too many editions of a Jane Austen book. . . ); then Little Women from a lady in France via BookMooch; then today Fanny Burney's Evelina and Charlotte Bronte's Villette!

I've already read the first half of Villette, but you have to understand that "Villette" is in fact Brussels. - hence a lot of the dialogue is actually in French, and I don't know one word of French. In the end, it just got to be too much - I was missing out on whole chunks of dialogue. Not good. So I stopped reading it and ordered a copy of the Penguin edition, which includes translations of all the French phrases! Whew! So now I can resume reading Villette (it's a brilliant book, by the way - possibly even better than Jane Eyre. I can't wait to finish it!).

I also recently got a beautiful art book about Rembrandt from someone in Denmark. . . BookMooch again! And I'm expecting a Stephen Lawhead book to arrive, though goodness knows when I'll get time to read it. . . :P


Miss Jen said...

Oh my.... how delightful!;)
I LOVE new books too!!!
Happy Reading!!!!!

Love & Hugs,

Barbara said...

I always enjoy new books, too :) Unfortunately right now I hardly have time to read, even though I would like to read more books by the Bronte sisters. I know - and like - Jane Eyre. From the books you mentioned I have read Northanger Abbey; Little Women I know as a movie adaptation. They are brilliant stories!

Theresa said...

Wow, possibly better than Jane Eyre?! I've gotta tell my little sister who is a major fan, plus add it to my huge 'to read' list!

I love getting new books too, especially having the thrill of owning them and knowing that it will always be on your shelf. Although I LOVE libraries I still can't resist owning them myself.

By the way, our library is having it's annual book sale next week. I feel so nerdy and am so excited!

ps, you've gotta post a review of Villette when you're done. ;)

The Editrix said...

Theresa - oh man. . . a review of Villette! I think it's going to be one of hardest reviews I've ever written. . . it's an amazing book (so far, like I said I've only read about half of it) but it's going to be really hard to write a review of it.

I'm exactly the same about library books! I've borrowed books from the library and loved them so much that I've ended up buying my own copy! Like you said, there's nothing like having your very own copy to keep and treasure. :-)

Ooohh, lucky you! Wish I could go to the library sale with you! ;-)

Barbara - yes, they are brilliant stories! :D

Jen - thankyou!! :-)

Ellie said...

Penguin Classics translated the French!!! OH my goodness, that is fantastic! I read the book about a year ago and was furious that I couldn't understand it! :) I think this shall be the next book I get!

Miss Jen said...

Dearest Elise,
*drum roll....please*
*sigh & smiles*

You are one of the winners in
Blessed Femina's 6 month give away!!!!!!! :)Congratulations! Please send me your street address and info to this....,so that I can send you your gift!!! *hugs*

Many Blessings~ Miss Jen

The Editrix said...


Oh my!! Wow! Thankyou, Jen! :D

Anonymous said...

Ever read Agnes Grey? It's by Anne Bronte, and IMHO is rather tiresome at times as the narrating main character spends most of the complaining about her lot as a governess (Jane Eyre is much to be preferred). It's a very short book, though, and does contain a good moral message despite my other objections to it.

Villette! It's on my TBRS (To Be Read Soon) List!


The Editrix said...

Agnes Grey is on my to-read list! I've been wanting to read it for some time. Whew, it's short, you say! That might be a nice change after Villette. - V. is pretty long! A good deal longer than Jane Eyre, I fancy.