Friday, May 29, 2009

Update. . .

I've been sick! Would you believe it, the the very night after we moved back to our house after the flood scare, 5 of my siblings were all sick with a 24 hour stomach bug! I came down with it a couple of days later, on Monday. I was only actually sick on Monday night, but I've been feeling a bit tired and drained all week as I recover. Sorry I haven't been posting much, or replying to comments. It's been a pretty hectic week, as you may well imagine. Things are just starting to get back to normal around here. :-)

PS: Bethany Hudson from The Apple Cider Mill has had her baby! It's a boy, and his name is James Kingsley Hudson. Please, head over to Bethany's blog and pass on your congratulations!


Laura said...

Hope you feel %100 better sooon! :)

Miss Jen said...

Oh no..... dear!! :(
I hope you feel better real soon!!!!!!
Just sent up a prayer for you..... ;)

Love in Christ~ Jen

Barbara said...

Oh no! The stomach bug is my particular enemy - I'd rather have five colds than one of these :( I'm glad you are feeling better now!

Alexandra said...

Hey!!! I HATE, HATE, HATE the stomach flu, so my thoughts and prayers are going out to you! Hope you feel better!!!

Also...I was thinking about getting "North and South" from the library (we recently got Wives and Daughters and loved it) but I noticed on your sidebar that you had an asterisk on it...what exactly is objectionable in it? Also, I read via IMDb that it's about the unions and all it excessively pro-union?


The Editrix said...

Thanks everyone! I'm happy to say we're all feeling pretty much 100% better now! :-)

Alexandra - North and South is a lot darker in it's tone and the topics it deals with than Wives and Daughters. However, there isn't really any major content issues to worry about, though I probably wouldn't recommend it for viewers under 12. One of the main characters is from a worker's union, but a lot of other characters are against the union. You hear both sides of the story - masters and workers - which is partly what makes it such an engrossing series to watch.

Let me know what you think of it after you see it! :-)