Monday, August 2, 2010

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Pride & Prejudice 2005

1. Mr. Collins: "I don't know about you, but I'm finding this place very spooky. I don't suppose you could hold my hand?"

2. "No, you don't think. . . Impossible. . . I never would have guessed."

3. Mr. Collins: "Stare at the camera, not me! You're freaking me out with that stare of yours."

4. Mr. Collins: "Please don't tell me you're staring at a spider that's crawling up my shoulder!"

5. Lizzy: "Uh. . . Mr. Collins, your eyebrow is crooked."

6. Lizzy: "What are you saying?!?!?"
Mr. Collins: "You should have warned me about this!"

7. Lizzy: "Hold still. I see something very tiny on your head there."
Frozen Mr. Collins: "If it's not much trouble, perhaps you could remove it?"

8. Mr. Collins: "I know, I know, I know, I know. . . "
Lizzy: "What are you staring at?"

9. Lizzy: "WHAT did you just say?!?"

10. Lizzy: "What did. . . "
Mr. Collins: "Look straight ahead, dear cousin! This is a top secret mission for Lady Catherine! No one is supposed to know that we even know each other!"

11. Lizzy: "Mr. Collins, the rum is gone."

12. "Do not look now, Miss Elizabeth, but Lady Catherine de Bourgh is looking in this direction."

13. "No, look, seriously, I swear they're looking right at us!"

14. "Don't look now my dear cousin, but I believe someone is taking a picture of us."

15. Mr. Collins: "Who is that old lady over there?!"
Lizzy: "That's my mother!"

16. Lizzy: "Don't be nervous, Mr. Collins. It's only a ball."
Mr. Collins: "A ball. A wicked wasteful use of time. . . May I have the next dance?"

17. Lizzy: "Do you dance, Mr. Collins?"
Mr. Collins: "Not if I can help it."

18. Mr. Collins: "I want to warn you in advance, dear cousin. If people start staring and laughing at us while we dance, bear in mind that they are not laughing at you - I haven't danced for some time and I might be a bit out of practice."

19. Mr. Collins: "My dear cousin Elizabeth, you don't suppose you could move more to your left? That lady over there is staring at me with a very disturbing expression. It's quite unsettling!"

20. Mr. Collins: "Lizzy! Sit up straight, don't stare, and for goodness' sake don't trip! It's Lady Catherine!"


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guitargirl said...

I just have one question:


Ana Smith said...

This one is absolutely hilarious!

I was just looking through your picasa albums for the first time, and you may have allready thought of this, but I think this shot from the Young Victoria would be great for a caption contest:

Hannah said...

HA! Number 3 was hilarious! :-)

Hannah said...

Oops. I mean number 1. That one made me smile. :-)

The Editrix said...

Hannah, I agree!! Though I'm probably biassed - No. 1 was my sister's contribution. ;-)

Ana, that's a great suggestion! Thanks so much!