Monday, August 2, 2010

A Damsel's Daybook XI

Outside my window. . . it is dark and chilly, but still a beautiful night. The breeze is rustling the palm tree leaves in our neighbours' backyard.

I am thinking about. . . corsets, of all things!

From the kitchen. . . everything is clean and orderly. . . I think. If anything is out of place, it's my fault, because it was my night for dinner cleanup tonight!

I am reading. . . I am thoroughly engrossed in Little Dorrit! It is almost threatening to topple Our Mutual Friend as my No 1. all-time favourite Dickens novel. ;-) I am also re-reading bits of So Much More.

I am hearing. . . some of my siblings watching Man vs. Wild on TV. Bear Grylls is in Turkey tonight. :-)

I am hoping. . . to some day be charming, intelligent, well-informed, capable, wise, beautiful, charming, intelligent. . . LOL. . .

I am planning. . . to read a little less Dickens and Austen and a little more serious - non-fiction - stuff. Biographies, theology, history. . .

I am wearing. . . clothes!

Around the house. . . all is blissfully quiet.

My wish of the week. . . see "I am hoping", above.


Michelle said...

This is the first time I have heard of a Damsel's day book! Perhaps when my daughter starts a blog she could participate as well!

Autumn said...

Soooooooo glad you participated Elise!!!!!!

trustintheLord said...

you already are the sixth one :)

Bria said...

Haha, your day book musings are priceless! You sound like a woman after my own heart. A hopeless romantic, with many goals and hopes for the future! Do not loose hope my dear!

The Editrix said...

Michelle, it would be great to have your daughter participate, if she wants to!

Bethany - that's sweet of you. :-)

Bria - thanks! I'm trying not to lose hope!!