Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Caption contest: voting now open

The Young Victoria

This week's entries:

1. "I just don't understand why you allow the dog to court you, and not me?" 

2. "Would you like me to take the ball so you can hold my hand? ...Well, it was just a suggestion." 

3. "If you don't want holes in your flower bed, maybe you should put your dog on a leash."

4. Albert: "Well I was thinking, if we brought in coffee everyone would think it more modern." Victoria: "Nope, tea or nothing."

5. "My dog likes top hats just as much as balls..." 

6. Victoria: *sighing* "What is it it Albert?"
Albert: "Well we could make this play..." *mumbles* "Called the play of Prince Albert and co." 
Victoria: *gasps* "And who am I!?"

7. Albert: "You might not know that I'm the tallest in my family..."

8. Victoria says knowingly/semi quiet: "I wouldn't hold my hand out like that if I were you."
Albert still rambling on: "I also am good at...What? Why?"
Victoria: "Me precious pup is staring at it and is ready to pounce."

9. Albert: "I have to keep my head perfectly tilted or my hat will fall off!"

10. Albert: "Throw that ball, so your darling dog would go away. I mean that in a respectable way of course. I'm sure she must be longing to chase after it!"

11. Albert: "I say, old girl, perhaps you could throw that ball for the dear dog and then you could concentrate on what I'm trying to explain..."
Victoria: *to herself* "I'm the old girl and the dog is the dear . . . . I should have known."

12. Victoria: *to herself* "If I throw this ball on his hat, maybe he'll stop talking . . . ."

13. Albert: "You know, the problem with carrying a ball around is that you might drop it into a pond. And then you might meet a frog...who asks you to kiss him...who's actually a handsome prince..."
Victoria: "And what's wrong with that?"

14. Albert: "If you do decide to throw that ball, you might want to take care not to throw towards the petunias. They are, somewhat, delicate little things."

15. Victoria whispers: "I'd like to shove this ball right down his throat!"

16. Albert: "Well if you want my advice on marriage, marry someone very handsome, possibly a man with a slight moustache, someone who dresses very well, oh - blue coats definitely, someone who wears blue, and someone who's very smart indeed. Come to think of it that sounds just like me. Just a suggestion."


Thanks to everyone who entered!

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I've tagged you.



Vellvin said...

I've awarded you: http://anirishmaideninaust.blogspot.com/2010/08/uniqe-blogger-award.html

Alexandra said...

I absolutely love this contest...so much fun! (Even though I've never actually gotten a chance to enter a caption). What a great idea!!!

The Editrix said...

Thanks, Alexandra. :-)

And thanks for the awards, girls!