Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Caption Contest: voting now open

Anne of Green Gables
L-r: Elvira Evans,  Morgan Harris and Anne Shirley, Anne of Green Gables - The Sequel

There were some very funny entries this week. :-D  

1. Anne Shirley: "Well if you will not dance with us we will most certainly turn up our noses at you..."

2. Morgan Harris: "Ladies, must you drag me into this?"

3. Elvira Evans: "Will you please inform Miss Shirley, Mr. Harris, that I am not speaking to her?"

4. Elvira: "Harris, don't tell me that girl over there is THE Miss Shirley who wrote that outrageous piece of fiction with romance and baking soda in it!?!?"

5. Morgan: "I know, I'm still trying to decide which I want to dance with."

6. Morgan: "Hm. The temperature of the room between these two cold ladies is positively arctic!"

7. Morgan: "Where's Katherine Brooke when you need her?!"

8. Anne: "And, Mr. Harris, if you would so kindly tell Miss Evans that my name is spelled with an *e*, I would be most indebted to you!" 

9. Morgan: "Please tell me I am not in the middle of these two!"

10. Morgan: "The best thing to do is to ignore them, So I stay out of trouble!!"

11. Morgan: "Come now ladies, we can't ALL be like Mr. Darcy and take a bath in the nearest lake!"


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Rebekah said...

Aww... I *just* missed it!! I was going to post one last night and got distracted. Oh well! I guess there's always next time. :D

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Nina said...

Hi Elise! If you need a pic for next week, you could check out my DC galleries:
I could also put the entered and winning captions on my fansite. :)

Josh Healy said...

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Miss Jen said...

LOVE it!!!
Just voted!

Blessings~ Miss Jen ♥