Friday, December 10, 2010

I scored at the op-shop today!

Or thrift store, or whatever you call them in America, LOL! An armful of classics for $3! Now, to show off the spoils:


From top to bottom: Gone With The Wind, What Katy Did at School, Far From the Madding Crowd, The Eustace Diamonds, and an almost-complete set of the Bronte sisters' novels - only Villette and Wuthering Heights are missing.





The Bronte set are published by the Folio Society. The FOLIO SOCIETY!! And featuring beautiful woodcut illustrations.



Bound in silk *contented bibliophile's sigh*. . .


I am a happy girl. :-D


Miss Laurie said...

How delightful! What a wonderful bargain! A beautiful set of Bronte novels! There's some titles there that I've long been wanting to read. What a great bundle of classics! What a find and I know you'll enjoy! :)

Autumn said...

All that for $3 dolars!!!!!! * shock, horror, gasp* I am sooooooo envious.
But, maybe you knew that. Good finds, all of them.

Erin said...


You have to tell addicted op-shop addict I am, which shop did you score this wonderful bargain from?

The Editrix said...

Erin - Lifeline. :-) They've always got so many books - I think they're my favourite op-shopping destination for books!

Traxy said...

They're gorgeous! Congratulations! :D

Sapphira Silver said...

Those Bronte books are just beautiful! Why don't they bind books in silk anymore? :( What an amazing bargain!! I know how it feels to find books like that for such a low price. It's like treasure seeking!

Elisabeth said...

Three dollars?

I've been considering used-book shopping lately...this encourages me. :)