Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's resolutions. . .

1. I WILL keep a journal. I WILL write in it every day.

2. I WILL be organised. I WILL keep a diary.

3. (Actually I should have put this at No.1) I WILL make time for Bible reading/prayer/quiet time everyday.

4. I WILL keep my bedroom tidy. I WILL be neat and organised.

5. I will not buy any more books until I have read all the books I've bought/mooched and not yet read.

6. I will post on my Gallery at least once every day. I will post on this blog at least twice a week.

7. I will practise my music for at least one hour every day.

I'm trying to think of another 3 to make it 10. Never mind - 7 resolutions are more than enough for me to try (and fail) to keep. . .


Vellvin said...

I hope you go well with your resolutions Elise.
Mummy's trying to get me to think up some as well.
I think alot of what you have for your resolutions IO also need ☺


Elinor Dashwood said...

Love it! :-D

I haven't thought much about New Year Resolutions yet for this next year.... I'd like to edit my novel and find a publisher for it, and I would like to read through the whole Bible again, and memorize more. Keeping my room tidy would be a good goal for me as well. ;-) Oh, and number 5 as well. :-D (And the same goes for patterns-- I will not buy any more patterns until I make some clothes with the patterns I already have. ;-) ) (I doubt I'll keep that one. ;-) )

Traxy said...

Happy new year and good luck with all your resolutions! :)

Anna Maria said...

Good luck with your resolutions. Happy New Year

Electra said...

You're doing well to have made seven resolutions. I find one hard enough to keep!

Barbara said...

How about "I will extend my days to 48 hours"? Because this is what you will need when you want to keep all those "every day" resolutions ;)

Enbrethiliel said...


#5 is one I'm hoping to commit faithfully to as well!

Rebekah said...

Sounds like some good resolutions! I really ought to write mine down sometime... :p

Have you been affected by the floods up there? I can't remember where you live in Australia... Been praying for your safety in case you are near it! :)

To the KING be all the glory!

The Editrix said...

Rebekah, yes, our town was almost flooded - we were getting ready to leave - but in the end it didn't. Thank you, God!! :-D Thank you so much for your prayers! We were so fortunate. I feel so much for those in other parts of the country who have lost loved ones, homes, and their livelihoods. I'm so grateful that we were spared, but sometimes I think - "Why us?" Why were we the lucky ones, when others lost everything? It's a funny feeling. :-(

Everyone else - guess what, I think I've broken almost all of those resolutions by now. :P No surprises there. Every one of them, in fact, except for No. 5.

Rebekah said...

Praise the LORD! (I did get to see this earlier, but hadn't a chance to comment. :) The pictures I've seen from the flooding are soo sad! The effects of flooding are amazing! It's just water! (Or so I want to think!) I'm very glad you all are alright! :)

To the KING be all the glory!