Saturday, November 7, 2009

Arwen's wardrobe: Part I

Arwen's Costumes,LOTR

Reasons why to do this post:

1. I'm a Lord of the Rings fan. A female LOTR fan. I mean, how many guys would write long blog posts discussing the various qualities of x character's costumes?

2. I love the costumes in LOTR. Why can't we dress like that today?? 

3. It's a good excuse to share some gorgeous LOTR pictures.

So, let's begin. I am no costume expert, but that doesn't mean I can't admire, even though I know nothing about sewing and costume design!

~Arwen Arrives~

Arwen's Costumes,LOTR

Arwen's Costumes

Arwen's Costumes,LOTR

~Fleeing from the Ring Wraiths~

LOTR,Arwen's Costumes
This is one of the more subdued outfits worn by Arwen (played by the gorgeous Liv Tyler) in the trilogy, but it is nonetheless beautiful. Check out the unique egg-shell/spiderweb (which do you think it looks like?) lace trim on the collar.

Arwen's Costumes,LOTR

Arwen's Costumes,LOTR

LOTR,Arwen's Costumes

~The Green Dress!~

Arwen's Costumes,LOTR
Okay, so I guess I'm not doing this in chronological order, LOL. This is the dress worn by Arwen near the very end of The Return of the King, at Aragorn's coronation. 

LOTR,Arwen's Costumes
A detail of the beautiful beadwork in the sleeves and trim around the neckline.

LOTR,Arwen's CostumesArwen's Costumes,LOTR

Arwen's Costumes,LOTRLOTR,Arwen's Costumes

Arwen's Costumes,LOTR

~The Fellowship's Departure~

Arwen's Costumes,LOTR
This gown is made from an exquisite patterned fabric. The large sash adds a slightly oriental, kimono-like feel to the outfit. Speaking of oriental - some of these fabrics and colours remind me very much of India! :-)

LOTR,Arwen's Costumes

Arwen's Costumes,LOTR

Arwen's Costumes,LOTR

Well, that was fun. Part II to come soon, hopefully.

Most of my pictures are from this website.


Miss Jen said...

Elise~ I so enjoyed this post! =)
I simply *adore* beautiful
feminine costumes!!!
You have made me want to
re-watch Lord of the Rings
again. ;)

Love~ Jen

Lady Ophelia said...

I love Arwen's dresses and after just watching all three LOTR movies this week I have been thinking about a few things from the them, this being one of them...I would LOVE to dress like this everyday.
Thank you for such a lovely post.

EchoOfMercy said...

Two of my favorites are the Chase Dress and the Farewell Dress.:) LotR is my favorite movie.:)

Kay.Watson said...

Oooh....I love all of Arwen's beautiful dresses. Liv is so adorable! I think my favorite is the Coronation. But one of the prettiest one's, however, you don't even get to see in the movie because its so tight on her face. The Cranberry Dress. The Blood Red Dress(your profile pic) is the most popular though. I adore that one too.=)


Anna Maria said...

I just love Arwen's dress'

The Editrix said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed the post!

Kay - about the dress that doesn't appear in the movie. That's interesting, I had no idea! Are there any pictures of it online?

EchoOfMercy said...

Here's the link for the Cranberry dress.;)

Jo March said...

Beautiful! Gorgeous photos! I LOVE Arwen's outfits. I think my favorite is probably the red and black one (your profile pic).

I tagged you....

The Editrix said...

Thanks for the link!

Jo March, thanks for tagging me!

The Editrix said...

Oh wow, the dress is beautiful! Now that I see it, I remember Liv Tyler talking about it on the extended edition bonus features DVD. After filming finished, they gave the dress to her as a keepsake. :-)

Rebekah said...

I really like the dress she wears when she is fleeing from the Wraiths ... Every time that I see her sleeves though I think "Oh my! How could I ever do dishes in those!" lol The only reason I haven't tried to make any of her dresses! :p

To the KING be all the glory!


"Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth." 2 Timothy 2:15

Annie said...

Who says you can't dress like that. If you like it so much then dress like that. Doesn't matter what other people think. =D

The Editrix said...

^Annie - you're right! And I try to do that, to an extent - I just wear the clothes that I like, without bothering too much about fashion. . .