Thursday, November 12, 2009

Aussie readers: Miss Austen Regrets on TV


Jane Austen as played by Olivia Williams

Part 1 is on at 8:30 pm this Sunday (15th Nov.) on ABC1.

Thanks to my mum for noticing this in the TV guide. :-)

~IMDB page

~Charity's Place review


Livi said...

This is really quite a lovely film.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Livi!

Most the people I've talked with about "Miss Austen Regrets" don't much care for it. :-)

Milena March said...

I'm really interested to watch this, though I remember Being Jane disappointed me a lot. I'm just glad they FINALLY decided to show this in Australia!

Miss Jen said...

Oh~ can't wait! :)
I saw the previews for
this several months ago!!!!

Love & Hugs~ Jen

Rebekah said...

Have you seen it Elise? If you have (or when you have) what is your opinion? A friend of ours owns it, but I haven't been able to decide if it is worth watching or not ... :)

To the KING be all the glory!


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Anna said...

If you're going to watch it I would love a review on it. I just watched it this week and did not like it. Jane Austen is portrayed as flirtatious, silly, and gives unwise counsel.

The Editrix said...

No, I haven't seen it, and I don't expect to like it that much. Oh well, if I keep my expectations really low, I'll be less likely to be disappointed, right? :P

I'll try to do a review sometime, if I watch it.

Jo March said...

I awarded you Elise, but knowing you, you've probably already been given this award :)

The Editrix said...

Oh wow! Thankyou, Jo! No, I haven't been given this award before. :-)

Anonymous said...


If you ever have the time and/or chance to see either “Becoming Jane” or “Miss Austen Regrets”, it would be interesting to read what you thought of them. A lot of people that I’ve shared discussions with on both films don’t much care for either one, but I rather enjoyed each for different reasons.

The latter gives an account of Jane’s later years in life and subsequently her death, while the former is about her younger years and paints a rather tragic romance. True, “Becoming Jane” is sad, but I like it all the more for its’ leading stars, both of whom are two of my favorite actors (both give stellar performances too!). Everything I’ve read though does support Jane falling in love with Tom, while others argue that point.

Anyway, it was interesting to see both since they essentially “follow” one another. Granted it was unintentional. :-)

The Editrix said...

Anonymous - thanks for sharing your thoughts! I'll try to watch them both sometime. . . maybe over the Christmas holidays. It's pretty lax of me, really - an ardent Janeite who hasn't seen either of those two biopics. . . :P

Bria said...

A friend and I were discussing this film, don't watch it!!! A big lie about Jane Austen's life and romance.I have not personally seen it but have heard bad things on it.

Anonymous said...

"I'll try to watch them both sometime. . . maybe over the Christmas holidays."


I’m sorry if giving the impression that you “had” to watch either “Becoming Jane” or “Miss Austen Regrets”. I only meant that if you ever choose to, it would be interesting to read what you thought of them, since so many people didn’t like how Jane’s life was depicted. The first wasn’t well recommended because of Jane’s “reckless” choice in falling for Tom and the latter because her character wasn’t exactly moral.

I suppose I’ve just been able to enjoy them as individual costume dramas. :-)