Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Homeschool Blog Awards

Join Me at The Homeschool Post!

Wow!! I am in shock! :-D Erin has nominated me for the "Best Teen Girl Blog" in the 2009 Homeschool Blog awards, and I am now in the running to win!

And now, I am going to unabashedly ask you to vote for Ribbons of Light. :-)

~To vote for my blog, click here.~


Anonymous said...

I voted! :)


Siminy said...


Theresa said...

I voted too... but not before checking out the other sites, hehe. I can honestly say that your blog is DEFINITELY the best!
*high five!*

The Editrix said...

Aw, really! Thanks, Theresa! :-D

Thanks everyone for voting!

Lady Ophelia said...

I just voted for you. I for one enjoy reading your blog.

Jo March said...

Voted for you!

Squires and Maids said...
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Rebekah said...

Congratulations on your nomination! :)

To the KING be all the glory!

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The Editrix said...

Thanks for voting! :-)

Anna Maria said...

I voted!

Grace said...

I would vote if I could.