Saturday, August 22, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy. . .

Lake Como, by William Degouve de Nuncques

Sorry there haven't been any posts this week. . . 

Sunday: drove up to Brisbane, visited THE DAWN TREADER SET [pictures to come soon], stayed up until 11pm, drove to Brisbane International Airport, picked up friends from India, arrived back at hotel after midnight.

Monday: drove back home from Brisbane. Very tired. . . 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. . . our Indian friends (a pastor and his wife; the pastor is an old friend of my dad's) have had very various appointments and speaking engagements.

Today: drove two hours to a ladies' conference in another town, along with several other women from church. 

Very tired, very busy, and as you can imagine, it's been difficult to get into routine with guests staying with us, and Daddy being at home (he has two weeks off work while our friends are staying with us). It's been a tremendous blessing having our guests and my dad at home, but - it's just hard to be normal, and get back into my normal routine! I'm sure you all understand. :-/

Maybe it's a bit silly - my apologising for not blogging, every time there aren't any new posts after 4-5 days. I don't know. 

Hope you're all well, and are having a great weekend. :-)

P.S. - This is a bit random, but - I think it will be a long time before I truly understand extroverts. Maybe I will never understand them. How anyone could find it genuinely difficult to not talk, when I often have so much difficulty in talking, etc. Wish I could get rid of my stammer. :-/ Are any of you readers bona fide extroverts? Maybe you could shed some light for me on the mind of the talkative, extroverted person. :P

Edit: that postscript was a bit silly. Ignore it, if you like. :-)


Izori said...

I'm sort of a mix of both. Sometimes I'm introvert (and when I am, I mean extremely introvert)that's usually with people I haven't known for a long time. With close friends, I talk their ears off!

I guess the main reason for talking a lot is that you have a lot on your brain that you want to tell someone.

The Editrix said...

Yeah - I can understand that. Even though I'm not usually very talkative, I'm still female (LOL) and so I still sometimes feel that need to just connect and interact with other women. - Sometimes it's not the topic of conversation, but simply *having* the conversation that counts. Now, to a guy, that would sound completely crazy. I think it's definitely a girl thing. :-D