Sunday, August 2, 2009

Knitting ideas?

For those of you who have experience in knitting and/or crocheting: what are some *small* knitting projects that I could try?

I've been knitting a lot of socks lately, but I'd like to have a go at making some other small knitted items. Any ideas? It has to be something small, and preferably something useful or wearable, using only one or two balls of yarn.

I'd like to have a go at knitting myself a jacket or coat some time - but an item like that would use heaps of balls of wool, and good-quality knitting yarn isn't cheap! So for now I'm just trying to think of some smallish knitting or crochet projects to work on.


Erin said...

HI Elise
I saw a book at Bk Warehouse last week (nearly bought it) for $3 that has some basic knitting projects, might have been too simple for you though. Anyhow it was up the back on one of the middle aisles, easy;)?

Izori said...

Knitted purse is probably one of the easiest things to make. I've made two in a day sometimes, and for me that's something! ;).

All you do is cast on until you've got it as long as you want (I like making small purses best; that would be about ten stitches). Then knit until your product-so-far looks like a square when it's folded in half.

After that you reduce your stitches by one every row until you're down to a row that only has five stitches. Make a button hole as close to the middle of that row as you can, and then continue knitting until you're down to a row with only one stitch.

Cast off, and then sew the 'square part' together. Make a strap (it can be simply out of a single piece of yarn, and however long you want). Sew or tie the strap on, and then sew a button to the front of the body of the purse. Button it up, and there you go!

Miss Jen said...

Oh.... isn't knitting wonderful?!
Wish you could teach me how to make some socks!! :) Do you have a good pattern you would recommend?

Love~ Miss Jen

Cathy said...

Elise, Good for you for knitting socks!I find there's nothing like handknit socks to wear or give away.
I might suggest a tea cozy or dishrag for a small project that does not take much yarn. If you are interested in any patterns, let me know.

Deanne said...

How about some baby pilchers?- Erin can tell you how, or a small purse or handbag, another fun thing that I am sure your sisters would love are some knitted play food, I have some books with them in if you are interested.

the W. family said...

A couple ideas:
A knit bolero jacket would be cute. I've seen a few patterns for them and I want to make one someday!

Baby hats are fun to make and don't take much yarn - they make good gifts too!

Happy knitting!
~Alyssa :)

The Editrix said...

Thankyou everybody for all your ideas and suggestions! :-)

Jen, I'll try to post the sock pattern soon!

Sabine said...

Mittens are nice to knit, or a lace shawl, maybe? You can find great free patterns on!