Monday, August 24, 2009

A Damsel's Daybook II

For whatever reason, I forgot and/or haven't time to do this these last couple of weeks. But I'm doing it this week!

A Damsel's Daybook

Outside my window. . . it is dark! We've had an extremely hot winter's day - 36 degrees C. It's been the hottest August days on record. Remember, it's supposed to be the middle of winter here! Anyways - so even though the sun was beating down today, because it's winter it still got dark very quickly.

I am thinking about. . . hmmm, what have I had on my mind lately? Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, India, different cultures, different personalities, the beauty of the world, the awesomeness of God. 

From the kitchen. . . we've just had bacon and eggs for dinner, so the kitchen smells like B&E. Earlier today I made some delicious gingerbread. . . yum.

I am creating. . . err. . . this blog post! LOL. Nothing very craft-y these last few weeks.

I am reading. . . Persuasion by Jane Austen. *Sighs* My all-time favourite Austen novel. What a treat. :-) It's our book club book this month.

I am hearing. . . Daddy talking with our guests in the dining room, crickets outside, baby whimpering a little (she's very tired).

I am hoping. . . that tomorrow will be cooler, that the Holy Spirit will continue to move in a mighty in our lives and our church, that Australia will win the next Ashes series 5-0.

I am planning. . . to do dinner cleanup. It's my night this week. Greasy dishes and pans from bacon and eggs. 

I am wearing. . . long navy blue skirt, short-sleeve button-up top in a dainty green-and-cream stripe.

My wish of the week. . . hmm. . . wasn't this kind of covered in "I am hoping. . ."? Okay, my wish is that it will be a blessed week, and that I will grow closer to God.

Must go now and do dinner cleanup. Plus Naomi is waiting to use the laptop!


Theresa said...

Woooooah! 36 degrees!? And I thought it was a warm spring-like day here at 15 degrees!

Haha, I laughed at your wish to win the Ashes. What about the Bledisloe cup ay? haha, just kidding.

The Editrix said...

LOL. . . I'm so disappointed about the Ashes. :-(

My only comfort is that I don't have any English readers (none that I know of, anyway), so at least there won't be any Englishmen/women gloating about the cricket here on my blog. :P

Autumn said...

Dear Elise.
Thank you for doing ADD!
Great list.

The Editrix said...

Thanks Autumn. :-)

Miss Jen said...

Lovely musings... Elise!!
I love your wish for the week! :)

Love~ Miss Jen

Lady Ophelia said...

Hi Elise,
You have a lovely blog.
Thank you for sharing all your wonderful things!!
Isn't it fun doing ADD?

The Editrix said...

Lady Ophelia - thankyou so much! And yes, it is a lot of fun.