Monday, October 12, 2009

A Damsel's Daybook VII

Outside my window. . . a typical hot, sunny day. Sometimes I wish I lived in England, or Ireland, or anywhere where there's less hot sunshine and more rain.

I am thinking about. . . what books to put on our list for book club next year.

From the kitchen. . . paint, dropsheets, children splattered in paint. (We're currently painting our kitchen/living area).

I am creating. . . nothing right now.

I am reading. . . Emma.

I am hearing. . . sparrows chatting their heads off like their life depended on it.

I am hoping. . . that someone will upload episode 2 of Emma soon. . . 

I am planning. . . to bring in the washing, maybe make dinner, sweep the floor, read more of Emma. . . 

I am wearing. . . light blue t-shirt with beads and sequins on it. . . which may sound really over-the-top and not "me", but at least it's cool in this weather. And a black tiered skirt.

Around the house. . . like I said, most of today's action has revolved around paint.

My wish of the week. . . dunno. . . guess I'm in a grumpy mood, not a wishful mood. Okay, my wish is that I would spend less time being moody and more time being contented. 


Autumn said...

Great list Elise!!!!
Thanks for doing ADD.
Gee is that the type of weather you're having!?! It is still very cool here But what do you expect T-------a is said to be a lot like England ,in climate and countryside.

The Editrix said...

LOL! In my post I nearly said "T_____a" instead of England or Ireland. :P Yep, I'd love to spend winter up here and then go down to T for summer!!

Anonymous said...

I wish you would spend less time being moody too.

The Editrix said...

LOL, thanks, G.! :P