Sunday, October 25, 2009

Keira Knightley + Joe Wright + Daniel Craig = My Fair Lady?

My Fair Lady
Audrey Hepburn in the classic 1964 musical

It's not official yet, but according to this article in the Telegraph, Keira Knightley has been chosen for the role of Eliza Doolittle ahead of Scarlett Johansen in the upcoming remake of My Fair Lady. AND Joe Wright is said to be directing the film (Yeess!!). . . AND there appears to be speculation that Daniel Craig might get the part of Professor Higgins. . . I'd still love to see Hugh Laurie as Higgins, though.

PS - this is off-topic, but have you seen the new Rapunzel pictures on IMDb? So gorgeous! I can't wait to see this movie. . .


Enbrethiliel said...


This is actually good casting! =D

I thought Kiera was a horrible choice for The Duchess, but she seems just right for this role. =)

The Editrix said...

I so agree!! Scarlett Johansen as Eliza. . . meh. But Keira just seems so right for the part!

Alexandra said...

I'm one of those Audrey worshippers, ;-) so no one could do as awesome as her, but Kiera will do all right, I think.

And I WANT HUGH LAURIE AS HENRY HIGGINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-) Seriously, I think he is the bestest for the role. Anyway. That's just a HL fanatic speaking here. And he can sing...not like that's a requirement for Henry Higgins, look at Rex, haha. ;-)

Anyway. Sigh. I can dream, can't I??? ;-)

The Editrix said...

LOL! :-D Yes, I'm also still hoping for Hugh as Higgins. . .

Miss Jen said...

How exciting~ Elise!!! :)
I can't wait to see this!!!!!!
Love~ Jen

Do you know when ep. 4 of
Emma will come out on the internet?
I have been searching for it.
Found it on the BBC webpage~
but it won't let me play it. ;(

The Editrix said...

Jen - it'll probably be on the Tudorphiles Ning page tomorrow. :-) I'll be sure to post the link as soon as it's up!

Charity said...

Daniel Craig is hideous. I don't understand why people find him attractive or even like him much. Of course, my introduction to him was as a murderous priest in "Elizabeth," so it may be a case of "bad first impression" setting a trend.

Keira... I like her fine, but she's terribly over-used for her qualities as an actress.

Overall, this version? MEH.

Anonymous said...

My Fair Lady with Audrey Hepburn is one of my top fave movies of all time, so the remake will definitely not be as good, but I'm excited to see it nonetheless.

Hugh Laurie would be sooo right for Higgins! But the filmmakers probably won't bother listening to us little people on the web! Boo-hoo.

O.K. Mixed feelings about Keira. As an actress, I feel she's ridiculously overrated. The only reason she suddenly got to become a star was because she just so happened to be cast in that little Pirates trilogy. I actually like her, but I wish she'd take acting lessons! She'll probably sing better than Scarlett Johannson, who sings like a man with a bass voice (I know because I listened to her jazz album.). As for Keira, I think she'd do okay in the Cockney Eliza role, where she could be tomboyish and loud, but in the post-transformation Eliza role--we'll see.

I wonder who will be Freddie? Orlando Bloom and Rupert Friend are the first actors who come to mind, but it would be kind of funny since both of them have played opposite Keira before.

And Julie Andrews should have a cameo! Or it would be great if she would play Mrs. Higgins.


Alexandra said...

I read an article that said that HL was Emma Thompson's first choice when she was writing the screenplay...but of course she's only the screenwriter so it's not her choice. Sigh.

I agree, it would be lovely for Julie Andrews to get a role as a tribute!