Friday, October 9, 2009


Thanks for tagging me, Anna Maria! :-)

What is a very interesting fact about you? - hmm. . . can't think of anything right now. Guess I'm pretty boring. . . 

What are two things in this world you love very much? - only two? God and my family 
What was the last thing you ate? chocolate-coated ice-block. 
Who is your favourite movie/book character? This is hard. . . in fact, it's impossible to answer. But I like manly, courageous heroes and strong, yet feminine heroines.
 What is your favourite colour? Blue, blue, blue! (Notice my blog background? :-) )

Are you random? Huh? o_0

Do you have a totem animal? What?

How many people follow your main blog? Last time I checked it was 61 (big thanks to everyone who follows! I appreciate it) 

What is you favourite animal? White-bellied Sea-Eagle. Beautiful and majestic. 

Downhill or Cross-Country skiing? Urmmm. . . neither 

Soda or water? water

Weekends vs. School days? I like both for different reasons

Trees or flowers? Trees - but I love flowers, too!

Regular Questions

What is your favourite movie? Lord of the Rings!

What is your favourite book? Apart from the Bible? Impossible to answer. Oh, okay. . . possibly the Chronicles of Narnia.

How long have you been on blogger for? Mmm, can't remember. I think it was July or August 2008.

Who are you going to tag? Absolutely anyone who wants to do this tag!


Flowers said...

Lord of rings is my favourite movie . It made me think that I am living in my own fantasy world

Megan said...

I really like your blog Elise. I found it on the side bar of my sister Rose Marchen's blog(

Miss Jen said...

Fabulous post~ Elise,
I really should re-watch Lord of the Rings again.... :) *sigh*

Love~ Jen

BTW... have I told you lately
how much I adore your playlist...
it is so gorgeous... I often come
here and just listen!!! :>)

Esther said...

May I ask, what is a chocolate covered ice block?


The Editrix said...

Ermmm. . . I don't know what you call ice blocks in America. The one I had was icecream, coated in chocolate, on a stick. Like this:

Megan - thanks so much! :-)

Miss Jen - I'm glad you enjoy my playlist! It's a pity I can't listen to it anymore. . . Stupid :-(