Friday, October 16, 2009

Heartbroken. . .

I had a lovely long post all written, ready to publish. I was just working on the pictures to go with it. - Then I accidentally clicked on something - I don't know what or how - and I lost all of my post!! Why didn't stupid blogger autosave the post, like it normally does?! I spent half the morning putting that post together. :-( And now I just don't have the heart to try and retype it all from memory.

So, no long blog post. Instead, I'll give you a link to browse.

Pride & Prejudice 2005

Some of you may be aware that Pride and Prejudice 2005 was released on DVD in two forms: the standard single-disc edition, and the two-disc deluxe edition. The deluxe edition came with a booklet and a bonus copy of the movie soundtrack on CD. Well, you can now read the booklet online! Head right over HERE. It's quite interesting, with various pictures and info about the making of P&P.


Hannah said...

Oh, I'm sorry dear. *hugs* That's never fun...

Barbara said...

I know how you feel having lost all you had written :( This is why I prefer to write everything down in Word and just copy it into the Blogger posting section. Thanks for the link :)

The Editrix said...

Barbara - that's a good idea. I might try to get into the habit of doing that.

Miss Jordan Elizabeth said...

Awww… That has happened to me way more times than I like to remember! Usually on online forums though.

Once, I was typing an article out on Microsoft Word (for about three hours) and hadn’t saved it yet (for some reason), so my brother who likes to ‘clear the taskbar’, closed it down and couldn’t read clearly the question that says “Do you want to save changes to document?" He clicked no.

I was devastated, but thankfully I had read and reread it so many times that I was able to salvage it pretty much as it was.

~Jordan Elizabeth

Theresa said...

I hate it when that happens!
Hey did you see the 'alternate American ending' to p&p 2005? The part with Darcy being REALLY cheesy and saying "Mrs Darcy" about a million times? - *shudder*

AND have you heard of Nanowrimo? It's a writing challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November. I've done it for the past two years and it's fun as! - check it out!

Miss Jen said...

Oh... don't you just hate when
that happens?!!! *hugs* ~ dear!

I look forward to heading over
to the link you posted.

Love~ Jen

The Editrix said...

Miss J.E. - yeah, that's happened to me on forums, too. :-( Oh boy, you must have been so upset about that article. . . but somehow it's even more frustrating when you know it's your own fault, as happened with me yesterday!

Theresa - yeah, I've seen the US ending. Don't kill me, but. . . I sort of like it. Actually, I'm in two minds about that ending. One half of me thinks it's mushy and sappy and way over-the-top. The other half of me - the foolish, romantic half of me, I suppose - likes that scene, and thinks that it's just so right for P&P to end with a kiss, rather than Mr. Bennet chuckling away at himself.

And yes, I've heard of Nanowrimo. I'll have a think about it - but something tells me that I'd never get past the first 500 words. :P Oh well, I could still have a go, I guess.

And thanks, Jen! :-)