Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Episode 2 of Emma. . .

Emma 2009


Bria Cosper said...

I am so excited about this! Although I think I will wait until it comes out here in the US to watch it all at once.

I know just about everyone here loves Jane Austen and her books. And I am assuming that I am not the only one who can't stand the way they are remaking her books into movies that complemently have a Hollywood theme.

And Austen is going down in history as a feminist. So I am offering a platform for you to rant on! If you would like to write a post about 'Becoming Jane' or anything else you know of that the world is ruining let me know and I will post it on my 'Happy Healthy home' blog.

Theresa said...

I think I love you....

Thanks! I was just looking for it on youtube!

The Editrix said...

LOL, Theresa! :-D

Bria - thanks for letting me know about that. I'll have a think about it.


Mrs. E said...

I just started watching it~ :) Elise!

I agree with Theresa... I love you very much! I have been looking for it
on youtube as well....

Bless you dear friend! :>)

Love~ Jen

BTW... what do you think of the
costumes?! I think they are quite lovely... :) Beautiful colors!

The Editrix said...

The costumes. . . hmm. . . not sure. I liked some of them, but I'm not sure how period-accurate they all are. With a lot of the costumes it felt like they were going for a 21st-century-meets-Regency look, with a lot of seemingly contemporary colours and accessories melded with Regency designs.

Bria Cosper said...

I didn't mean to intrude on your blog when I left that comment Elise! Forgive me.

the W. family said...

Thank you for the link Elise! We are looking forward to watching it today. :)

Mrs. E said...

Very true~ Elise! :)
I guess they are not exactly

Charity said...

I thought "Becoming Jane" was a better movie than "Miss Austen Regrets," since at least in the first film Jane LOVED writing. In the other one, it seemed to imply that she did it ONLY to make money and -- as a writer, that offends me. Still, I didn't like in BJ how Jane fell in love with a Wickham. Honestly, a young man who reads smut, tries his hardest not to work, drinks, and passes time with prostitutes?

Jane would fall in love with someone like that?

I think not.

As to her feminist icon status, I cannot say. I love historical feminists. ;)

Ms. Pajak said...

Thanks for the link! :) I don't know how much I am going to like this version, but I'm interested to see how it is. I love the pictures!

The Editrix said...

Bria - oh, I'm sorry! You weren't intruding at all! There's nothing to forgive. :-) Once again, thanks for giving me this opportunity!

Charity and Bria - I actually haven't seen Becoming Jane or Miss Austen Regrets. To be perfectly honest, I'm not particularly interested in seeing either of them. From what I've heard, neither of them do a great job portraying Jane. I'd like to learn more about Jane Austen's life, but I think I'll start by reading her letters and some biographies, rather than watching Becoming Jane, LOL!

As always, thanks everyone for commenting. I do love to hear from you all! :-)

Alexandra said...

Thanks so much for the link!!!!! I am enjoying it much more than I thought.

Also...have you heard anything new on the My Fair Lady remake? I was just thinking about it today. ;-) Can't wait to see who they cast as Henry Higgins...I wish they'd get Hugh Laurie!!! Would make a remake of one of my faves more enjoyable. (Who can beat Audrey??? ;-))

The Editrix said...

Last I heard, it hasn't been 100% confirmed as to whether it's Keira K or another actress as Eliza Dolittle. And no word on who's going to play Prof. Higgins. If I hear anything new, I'll be sure to do a post about it! :-)

Glad you're enjoying Emma!