Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Damsel's Daybook VIII

A Damsel's Daybook

Outside my window. . . morning. School buses, birds, sunlight.

I am thinking about. . . what I'm going to be doing this morning. I'm playing a song at a memorial service at church, and I'm just a tiny bit nervous about it - don't know why.

From the kitchen. . . people getting their breakfasts.

I am creating. . . a crocheted blanket for my little sister's doll.

I am reading. . . Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte - plus various art books. (Must get back into my Australian artists series. . . )

I am hearing. . . younger siblings talking and playing.

I am hoping. . . that all will go well this morning.

I am planning. . . to get my schoolwork done this afternoon. To write another blog post or two today. . . 

I am wearing. . . green 3/4 sleeve top, black skirt.

Around the house. . . not much right now.

My wish of the week. . . that I would get into a routine with my schoolwork that works well.


Theresa said...

Ooh, what are you playing? You're allowed to be nervous! Is the memorial service like a funeral? Coz I did the music for a [non-christian *sad*] funeral once and it wasn't very nice. I mean, it's so hard to know how to act when preforming at a sad event - especially when the people aren't singing.
Hope it went well.

The Editrix said...

Yes, it did go well! It was a funeral/memorial servive. We were playing a song written by the man who had passed away. I've been playing guitar in church for some time, and I usually don't get nervous about it - but this was a bit different.

Like I said, it all went well. :-)

The Editrix said...

Oops, "service" not "servive", LOL!