Wednesday, September 30, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: New version of P&P

Check this out!

Leading independent broadcaster ITV has announced a new and exciting interpretation of the classic Jane Austen work to fit in with new broadcasting rules announced by the government yesterday.



Caroline said...

30 second episodes!? That is weird!

Miss Jen said...

Oh my.... *GASP*
This is news indeed!!!
How exciting!
Do you know who stars in it?

Love~ Jen

Charleybrown said...

Hi Elise! You caught my eye with a new P&P but the source is a satirical news website similar to The Onion in the States. I thought it sounded odd however, it's just weird enough for someone to try it someday knowing how fanatical we are :)

The Editrix said...

Charleybrown - I know! :-D I just wanted to see how my readers would react. :P Isn't the article funny, though! I LOLd quite a bit. . .

Lady Celia said...

Indeed. Though odd it does seem like it will be excessively diverting. :-)