Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Damsel's Daybook III

Oh, man. . . *headhitskeyboard*. . . why do I ALWAYS forget to do this on Mondays? Oh well - now you all know how bad my memory is. How do my poor family put up with me?

Well - better late than never, I guess.

A Damsel's Daybook

Outside my window. . . lots of golden early-morning sunlight. 

I am thinking about. . . the bookmooch book that I've got to send to someone in America, some biscuits that I'd like to (maybe) make today, the bookshelf that we really need but don't have. Must go bookshelf-shopping sometime. . . we have about 8 bookshelves/bookcases in our house, but we're starting to run out of room for new books (again). Perhaps we could put a shelf next to the toilet - er - ahem - lavatory. Then whenever you go to the loo, you can just reach up and pick whatever reading material takes your fancy! Good idea? Mmmm, maybe not. . .

From the kitchen. . . not much. Maybe some leftover porridge - all cold and gloopy by this time (yuck!).

I am creating. . . hmm, not a lot. I am starting to get the knitting itch again, though.

I am reading. . . Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens!

I am hearing. . . brothers and sisters talking and playing, quietly. The garbage truck outside. . .

I am hoping. . . that the Bulldogs win against Geelong this weekend! (The AFL finals are about to start, so you'll have to excuse me if I go a little bit crazy over the next few weeks.)

I am planning. . . hmm, not a lot. I'm not much of a planner, to be honest. Okay - I am planning to be better at planning and organising.

I am wearing. . . long cotton skirt, dark purple. A little black top, and a pink chenille jumper/sweater (it's still a bit cool this early in the morning).

My wish of the week. . . that the Doggies will win the premiership! Yes, it's wishful thinking - but that's the whole point, remember!


Miss Jen said...

Lovely musings! :) What
a marvelous book you are reading, Elise! What chapter are you on?!

Love~ Jen

The Editrix said...

Umm. . . can't remember. Maybe about chapter 7 or eight.

Autumn said...

Great list Elise!
I love Great Expectations!