Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Damsel's Daybook VI

A Damsel's Daybook

Outside my window. . . it's nighttime; crickets are singing.

I am thinking about. . . the weekend we're going to have at the beach. . . starting Thursday afternoon!

From the kitchen. . . nothing. We've all finished dinner. Oh, my mum's been experimenting with making our own yogurt. When it's freshly made, it's still warm. Warm yogurt actually tastes pretty good. 

I am creating. . . still stitching away at my lute-playing angel.

I am reading. . . I'm in a difficult situation as far as reading is concerned. I'm starting to really enjoy Great Expectations - about halfway through, now - but I'm probably going to have to stop, and read my book club book before the next meeting on Oct. 10, and I am also very keen to re-read Emma before the first the episode of Emma 2009 goes to air on Oct. 14. Hm. 

I am hearing. . . a Little House on the Prairie DVD on TV. My family are all addicted to the 1970s TV version of Little House on the Prairie. I'm the only one in my family who isn't a massive fan, LOL. I don't mind it, but. . . it's not quite my cup of tea.

I am hoping. . . that tomorrow will go smoothly and won't be too busy or stressful. Not that there's any reason why it should be busy, apart from some preparations for our weekend away. I just hate busyness and stress. 

I am planning. . . to do lots of baking tomorrow. . . two birthday cakes, and some biscuits/cookies. I am also planning what to pack for the weekend. All day, I've been mentally evaluating which books I should take, and which ones I should leave behind.

I am wearing. . . a greyish skirt which used to be black denim. A cotton top in a pretty print. 

My wish of the week. . . hmm. Now that the footy season is over, and my team lost, I've run out of wishes. Okay: wish of the week - that I'll grow less self-focussed, and that I'll be able to pray BRAVELY. Have you ever been guilty of praying like this (I have): "God, build my my character. - Uh, but please don't put me through too much pain or too many trials. I hate pain. Actually, I don't know if I can pray this prayer at all. 'Build my character' - I'm really asking for it there, aren't I, Lord. . ." etc, etc.

EDIT: Yikes, I've just found out that the first episode of Emma airs on Oct 4th, not the 14th. That leaves me even less time to read all those books. . . I'll start Emma tonight, and aim to finish it within the next few days. That will leave me about a week to read the book club book. . . yep, I should be all right. Then after that, I'll read the rest of Great Expectations. Then after that. . . any one of the dozens of books on my to-read pile. :P


Lady Ophelia said...

I can understand about the "which books to pack"...I do that too!
To-Read piles are always growing aren't they, never ending!!!

Elisabeth said...

You get Emma on the 4th too? As far as I know we poor Americans don't get it till next spring!

We like Little House On the Prairie too...but often watch it with tongue in cheek, especially the really melodramatic stuff. (We call Pa Ingalls "Super-Pa" owing to his habit of always saving the day.) I prefer the comic ones, since then the historical inaccuracies and the rampant plagiarism from other shows don't seem to matter as much. :)

Miss Jen said...

Awww..... Little House on the Prairie...what a dear show!!

Love~ Jen

The Editrix said...

Lady Ophelia - my to-read pile is always growing overwhelmingly large. . .

Elisabeth - I don't know when Emma will be on telly here in Aus, but I want to read it before it's on in the UK, just so that it's fresh in my mind when I'm reading all the reviews and stuff. - Plus, some good soul might post it on Youtube. . .

Autumn said...

Lovely list Elise.Hope your weekend goes well.Thanks for doing ADD.

Theresa said...

Hehe, I always bring HEAPS of books when we go on holiday [that's mainly because our holidays are all camping ones] so I become the library for the rest of my family when they get bored. Honestly, I always bring my two Shakespeares a few Austens and about ten other books. To compensate for that I've got to bring less clothes - so my packing skills are getting really good! haha!
Hope your weekend goes well!

The Editrix said...

Thanks, Theresa. :-)

Yep, less clothes, more books. Who cares about clothes, anyway? :P