Monday, September 14, 2009

The Dreame

Sense and Sensibility 1995

Or scorne, or pity on me take,
I must the true redemption make,
I am undone tonight.
Love, in a subtle dreame disguised,
Hath both my heart and me surprised,
Whom never yet he durst attempt awake;

Nor will he tell me for whose sake
He did me the delight or spight,
But leaves me to inquire,
In all my wild desire
Of sleep again, who was his aid,
And sleep so guiltie and afraid,
And since he dares not come within my sight.

~Ben Jonson (1572-1637)

Included in the soundtrack for Sense and Sensibility (1995), composed by Patrick Doyle.


Barbara said...

I like this song - and also the other one sung by Marianne when she meets Colonel Brandon for the first time. Actually, I was disappointed that on the soundtrack CD these two songs had not been performed by Kate Winslet as in the film.

Erika said...

Awesome post. :)
I was also disappointed that Kate Winslet wasn't chosen to record those songs for the soundtrack. Even though she isn't operatic, the simplicity and innocence of her vocals fits well to both songs.

The Editrix said...

I thought that way at first, too, but I've come to really appreciate Jane Eaglen's impassioned renditions of both songs.

It would have been nice if they'd included the Kate Winslet and the Jane Eaglen versions of both songs on the CD.

Miss Jen said...

Yes indeed.... *sniff* *sniff*

I LOVE that song....
my next piano attempt... :)

Love~ Jen